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50 Summer Projects For Kids – Episode 431

There are so many fun ideas for summer, but what about 50 summer projects for kids? Summertime is a chance to learn new things, explore and have a great time, but it can also be easily wasted doing nothing. Here is a list of ideas to get you started.

Welcome to this Just for Kids episode!

Here is a list of my 50 top ideas for kids and they are not in any particular order, but it gives you a starting place to come up with ideas of your own. For example, anyone can read one book, but what about an entire series? Sure, this may take time if you are reading something like the Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew. But, it will take less time if you are reading Little House on the Prairie. Even if the book is for younger kids take a chance, especially if you have not read the series before.

  1. Read a series of books.
  2. Start a business. Think of things you’d like to do.
  3. Manage money. See how much you can save.
  4. Learn to cook, bake or create new recipes.
  5. Learn a new skill.
  6. Learn a new sport.
  7. Learn to play a musical instrument.
  8. Learn a new language.
  9. Create an obstacle course.
  10. Create something that flies.
  11. Make something out of recyclables.
  12. Learn to draw.
  13. Write with your non-dominant hand.
  14. Make a list of things you’d like to collect and start a collection.
  15. Make a list of movies you’ve watched and the ones you want to watch.
  16. Make a list of books you have read and the ones you want to read.
  17. Make a new friend.
  18. Help a neighbor or friend.
  19. Each day say something nice to each member of your family.
  20. Start a new habit, like fixing your bed.
  21. Plan a trip for the family.
  22. Plan a family event, like a game night.
  23. Plan an entire month of fun activities. These can be simple.
  24. Stage a play. Write, and produce it for others to act.
  25. Write a short story.
  26. Create a podcast. What would your show be about?
  27. Create a scavenger hunt.
  28. Learn about geocaching.
  29. Go on a treasure hunt.
  30. Organize pictures. On a phone, or computer.
  31. Learn to take good pictures.
  32. Learn to sew a button.
  33. Write an mail a letter to a relative or a friend.
  34. Learn to write a thank-you card.
  35. Jobs – what do you think would be fun to have as a job.
  36. Build something.
  37. Create a fort.
  38. Learn first aid.
  39. Create a list of rules for different things.
  40. Play a game using a different set of rules.
  41. Create something new. Think about this.
  42. Create an exercise routine.
  43. Learn to eat healthy.
  44. Grow something from a seed.
  45. Start a garden.
  46. Create a challenge with someone in your family.
  47. Learn to play chess – or another game you don’t know.
  48. Learn a new craft.
  49. Create a kite.

As you can see some of these fun projects can take some time and others can be done easily. If you like some of these ideas, make a plan on when you will start to do them and write them in your calendar. Learning to set deadlines and goals is an important part of learning to accomplish and get things done! This also helps us to be creative and figure out ways to make things work. I hope one or many of this ideas help you.

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