6 Lessons About Homeschooling I’ve Learned Through Podcasting

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This is the 300th episode of The Homeschool Sanity Show! I have really enjoyed podcasting for a number of reasons. One of the unexpected reasons is it’s taught me a lot about homeschooling. This is the episode where I share homeschool encouragement from eight years of podcasting.
Hey, homeschoolers! The Ultimate Radio Show Network has been producing podcasts for 9 years. I took a year’s leave in there, so that means I’ve been podcasting for 8 years. I often talk with homeschooling moms who have not only listened all these years but followed my blog before that. I know from asking on my Facebook page that there are many of you who, like me, have been homeschooling a long time. I love having the company. I’ve learned a lot from podcasting that applies to us as homeschooling moms as well.
  • The first lesson is that it’s not always fun.
  • We need to make the schedule work for us rather than working for the schedule.
  • It’s not about the tools; it’s about the content.
  • We can learn from others even when we think we have it all together.
  • We need to let others help us.
  • Success comes when we stick with it.


I’m so grateful for your support of me and this podcast. Many moms approach me at Great Homeschool Conventions to say they feel like we’re friends. And we are. I don’t know as much about you, but I would like to. Email me, message me on social media, or stop by to chat at a convention. Have a happy homeschool week!

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