7 Ways to Celebrate Christmas as a Birthday

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7 Ways to Celebrate Christmas as a Birthday

by Meredith Curtis

7 Ways to Celebrate Christmas as a Birthday

“Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday, dear Jesus. Happy Birthday to You!” my children sang heartily as I held the pan of cinnamon buns lavished with cream cheese frosting. The candle flickered as their voices rang out. As the song ended, the younger children blew the candles out.

One more Christmas carol and it was time to eat breakfast while we opened presents.

Christmas Day starts with a special devotional. We read Luke 2, the Christmas Story, interspersed with carols. We read and sing and rejoice. It helps us to remember that Christmas is a birthday.

Would you like to celebrate Christmas as a birthday with your children?

Here are 7 ways to celebrate Christmas as a birthday:

Decorate with Balloons and Streamers

We love to decorate with balloons and streamers on birthdays, so we do it at Christmas, too. We use red and green colors to keep the festive atmosphere matching the rest of the Christmas decorations.

Sing Happy Birthday to Jesus on Christmas Morning

Before you open presents, sing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus. You can use a birthday cake with candles. We put candles in our frosted cinnamon rolls.

Singing a birthday song to Jesus reminds everyone that Christmas is a birthday.

Wrap Presents for Baby Jesus

We like to buy baby boy clothing and supplies for Jesus and wrap them up. We bring them to church where gifts are collected in a large basket and taken to a Crisis Pregnancy Center after the holidays.

Make a Birthday Banner

Using poster board or a roll of paper, make a birthday banner for Jesus and hang it in the family room or kitchen.

Make Birthday Cards for Jesus

If your family gives birthday cards on birthdays, then make birthday cards for Jesus. These are nice to read aloud before family worship. It refreshes our hearts to hear what others have said to Jesus.

Make a Special Birthday Meal

In our house, we each choose our favorite meal to eat on our birthday. Brainstorm as a family to figure out a meal that Jesus may have eaten and enjoyed. Fish from the Sea of Galilee? Bread with Honey? Dates? You might have to do some research for this one!

Play the Encouragement Game

Another things we do to make birthdays special is to play the encouragement game. Everyone in the family tells the birthday person what they appreciate about him or her. Each family member can share what they love about Jesus and then spent time worshipping Him.

May the Lord bless each one of you with the merriest of Christmases.

Meredith Curtis



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