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Yearly Homeschool Evaluations – Middle of the Year Check Up

Yearly Homeschool Evaluation Let’s Talk About Your Yearly Homeschool Evaluation with A Middle of the Year Check-Up

We go to the doctor’s office for yearly evaluation, but never consider looking at your yearly homeschool evaluations at the middle of the year. The place to being any formal check-up process is now!

One year I was so upset that my year had fallen apart and my lofty goals were just not being met that I devised a series of check lists to help me get back on track. I was so worried that at our yearly homeschool evaluations I would be told that I had done a poor job. I was so happy the thought occured to me in the middle-of-the-year, while I still had time to remedy the situation.

I devised a series of checklists (something totally against this spontaneous person’s grain!) and I loved it! Today I share the second in the three-part series with you! In this session you will take a hard look at your year and if you are off track – look at ways to get back on track…especially before the dreaded yearly homeschool evaluations!



This three part series of the Yearly Homeschool Evaluation consists of:

  • A Beginning of the Year Check-Up
  • A Middle of the Year Check-Up
  • An End of the Year Check-Up

Available at Media Angels, Inc.

For more information on the three part series – visit Media and the eBook and Audio Downloads.Yearly Evaluation -One

Organized HomeSchool

Organized HomeSchool | The new school year is a time of excitement. Let's start this year with an organized homeschool! #homeschoolpodcast #podcast #organizationOrganized Home School — Episode

The new school year is a time of excitement. Let’s start this year with an organized homeschool! In this episode, Meredith Curtis and Felice Gerwitz share their years of homeschool wisdom with you!

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Here are some points that will help you get an organized homeschool this year!

  1. File away books and materials where they go
  2. Pray – what went well, what went poorly and what worked.
  3. Three-Ring Binder – Master Homeschool Book (or File)
    • Homeschool records through the years
    • Copy of final grades (high school)
    • Testing Results (high school)
    • Important Information
  4. Beginning – look at
    • what we’d like to study
    • totes of books in what we are going to need
    • pencils, pens, art supplies
    • shelf — reading books in order
  5. Where do you “do” school
    • Tote books to where you do school
    • If you do school in a homeschool room use a desk or shelf to put supplies
  6. Talk to the kids about what you will learn
    • Explain what you will learn this year
    • Ask your children what they’d like to learn
    • Make changes if they want to add something
    • Post final class topics
  7. Make a schedule
    • Use it for two weeks and revamp if needed
    • Make it work for you
    • Don’t be a slave to your schedule
    • Give kids a checklist
    • Put up the master list
    • Leave Friday as a free day
    • Look at your book and divide the lessons by the number of days your school
    • Schedule in an empty week in spring or fall
  8. Organizing shelves
    • In subject topics
    • According to level and chronology
    • Keep shelves organized each week

Help! I Want To Change My Teaching Method

help I want to change my homeschool teaching method

Let’s Talk About… “Help! I Want To Change My Teaching Method” with Felice Gerwitz  – Podcast #116

Are you unhappy with your homeschool methods? Do you want a change? A change in the way you teach your children?  In this podcast, veteran homeschool mom, Felice Gerwitz gives you the tools you need to understand the most popular teaching methods and decide which one works the best for you.

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Show Notes – Help! I Want To Change My Teaching Method:
Do you sometimes wonder what you can do differently to change your teaching method? DO you pray for help in deciding which method will work best for you? Many moms love structure and so they gravitate to the most structured curriculum choices (text books and workbooks) only to find their kids floundering. Others will use a hands-on, approach and learn their kids do not like the lack of structure. In this podcast we explore the most popular homeschool teaching methods and take a look at which ones might work for you.

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Listen to Homeschool Lifestyle to help identify your homeschooling “type” here

  1. Traditional: Text books/ work books/ tests and papers
  2. Classical Approach: Trivium, Socratic method (concrete, analytical, abstract)
  3. Unit Studies: Immersion in a topic such as history, science, art or music
  4. Charlotte Mason: Living books, nature study, demonstrate knowledge vs. tests
  5. Eclectic: A combination of methods, more relaxed loose structure
  6. Unschooling: relaxed, child lead interest

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