Homeschool Moms Can Be Gamers

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Homeschool Moms can be Gamers

68: Homeschool Moms Can Be Gamers


Don’t imagine gamers as teen boys who play first-person shooter games and one has to drag away from the computer. That’s a stereotype – homeschool moms can be gamers!

Merriam-Webster defines a gamer as ” a person who plays games especially : a person who regularly plays computer or video games”.

There are some many different types of games that there is really something for everyone!

Why should homeschool moms be gamers?

1. Way to keep up your techie skills and learn new ones

2. Good for your brain – practice problem-solving

3. Stress reliever

4. Something you can do WITH your kids. Create shared experiences trying to beat a game. Let your children be the teacher and show you how to play. Discuss Video Games as an art form.

** FundaFunda Academy, our sponsor, has a Visual Literacy class and as part of that class students study video games!

5. Something to do with your husband

Games mentioned in this episode:

  1. Framed iPad app
  2. FIFA soccer
  3. Wii Sports
  4. EA Sports
  5. Escape from Pompeii
  6. West of Loathing (Switch)
  7. Lemmings
  8. Angry Birds

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