Teaching kids soft skills for digital communication

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Teaching Kids Soft Skills for Digital Communication

Episode 60: Teaching Kids Soft Skills for Digital Communication – interview with Lisa Nehring

Lisa Nehring from True North Homeschool Academy and the Soft Skills 101 podcast is the guest on today’s show. She shares with us some of the soft skills for digital communication we need to teach our children.

Learn more about the importance of soft skills in this article by Lisa Nehring.

Some of the topics covered in this episode that you should be talking to your children about are:

1) checking and responding to emails/messages in a reasonable time frame
2) using good grammar in online communication
3) considering tone in emails, and knowing when to speak to a person rather than use digital communication
4) digital communication lasts forever
5) integrity in online communication

Don’t assume your children understand these things. I encourage you to listen to the full episode to hear all the wisdom Lisa shares with us as we discuss this important topic.

For more on this topic, read Lisa’s blog post on teaching effective online communication.

In this episode we highlight show sponsor, FundaFunda Academy’s, Art of Argument online class for teens. In this class they will learn about logical fallacies and pratice writing argumentative essays.

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