Tips for completing online scholarship applications

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Tips for Completing Online Scholarship Applications

117: Tips for completing online scholarship applications

Guest, Monica Matthews, shares tips for completing online scholarship applications that will help students be successful. Monica has helped her own children and many many others win scholarships to college.

Find Monica at her website, How 2 Win Scholarships, her Facebook page and her Facebook group, Scholarship Help and College Talk for Parents.

Listen to the full episode to hear her explain the following tips.

Avoid Common Mistakes

  • Typing directly into the application
  • Text-typing
  • Nicknames/questionable email addresses
  • Not saving/time limits
  • Waiting until deadline
  • Required materials not sent in time
  • Proofread with trusted eyes
  • Submitting late at night
  • Use full word count and paragraphs

Know the Guidelines

  • What is required and how it should be sent
  • Different deadlines for extra materials
  • Follow directions exactly

Add Extra Information

  • Take advantage of “other” boxes
  • Insert a link to a personal website/blog/Pinterest board
  • Submit beautiful attachments
  • Polite email when submitting

Some of this info can be found in these blog posts and the rest is in Monica’s scholarship ebooks.

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Tips for Completing Online Scholarship Applications

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