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Virtual Labs for biology and chemistry

77: Virtual Labs with Dr Kristin Moon

Our guest is Dr Kristin Moon from Kristin Moon Science . You can find her on Facebook too.

Dr. Moon teaches Chemistry for show sponsor FundaFunda Academy and Biology at True North Homeschool Academy.

Be sure to listen to our other interview with her where she talks about PHET Simulations.

Virtual Biology Labs

Expandable Mind is the website Kristin refers to

3 virtual labs from their site that she mentions:

1. eMind Frog: virtual frog dissection lab (and 4 additional mini-labs).

You can use their demo page to get a feel for what it’s like to use the virtual lab.

It costs $5.99/family for a single license (giving you 12-month access)

2. eMind Animalcules and Other Cells: virtual microscopy lab

So many cool specimens to view using their virtual microscope.

Once again, you can use the demo and get some of the features:

3. eMind Fly: virtual genetics lab

This virtual lab makes genetics come alive as students virtually “breed” fruit flies. They predict the results using a Punnett Square, breed the flies, observe the progeny and note the outcome, and analyze their results.

Find the demo site here.

It costs $5.99/family for a single license (giving you 12-month access) but is a freebie that comes with any purchase.

Worth noting: You can buy access to ALL of the virtual labs eMind has to offer (including the frog, a cat, a fetal pig, invertebrates (including earthworm, squid, crayfish, and sea star), and fish ( including the lamprey, the dogfish, and the yellow perch) for $19.99 (for an individual license).

Additionally, if you are buying for a class or co-op, there are volume discounts.

Virtual Chemistry Labs

Chem Collective is the resource Kristin talks about.

There are many virtual labs your students can perform on this site, all related to chemistry. These are all free.

Examples of some of the labs:

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Virtual Labs for biology and chemistry

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