A Long Forgotten Toothache Remedy – Homeopathy to the Rescue!

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Toothache? Ah, the wonderful world of Homeopathy. Learn about a long used Herb in plant and tincture form and also homeopathic!Toothache?  Ah, the wonderful world of Homeopathy!  This week on Homeopathy for Mommies, learn about a long used Herb in plant and tincture form and how this can help wonderfully as homeopathic remedy.

Plantago major has been used for centuries in tincture as well as in homeopathic potencies. It has the clinical reputation for the treatment of Earache, Toothache, Bedwetting, Pyorrhea, Sharp pains in the Eyes, decayed teeth or inflammation of middle ear.  This remedy has an affinity to the nerves.  It can be applied locally in the form of a Poultice for neuralgia.  It can be taken as a homeopathic remedy for all the above issues and more, and low potencies are most useful for physical ailments.  It is the terrible ear and tooth pains that bring so much knowledge of this plant. Even when pain goes from one ear to another or from tooth to ear. Or from tooth to face with sharp neuralgic pains.


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