A Unique Approach to Case Taking with Dr. Dinesh Chauhan

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A Unique Approach to Case Taking with Dr. Dinesh ChauhanA Patient-Centric Approach to Case Taking with Dr. Dinesh Chauhan


Today on Homeopathy for Mommies, we are honored to have Dr. Dinesh Chauhan as a special guest, one of the most influential teachers in today’s homoeopathic world.


If you have listed to this podcast for period of time, you probably have heard Sue talk about attending several of Dr. Dinesh’s trainings on case taking and his influence on her homeopathic journey.  In this interview, Dr. Dinesh shares his journey to becoming a homeopath and how he came to create the concept of the patient-centric Scientifically Intuitive Case Witnessing Process – a uniquely designed 3 step case taking method.


Dr. Dinesh has an extensive list of credentials, read about them here.


Find Dr. Dinesh’s books here on his website.


We are pleased to invite you to join us inside Sue’s Members Corner for a series of live trainings with Dr. Dinesh on Child-centric Holistic Homeopathic healing. 


The first of 6 sessions will begin on April 19th at 10 AM EST. This series of trainings will be focused on case taking for children at various age stages and will be happening monthly throughout the rest of 2024.  Each training session will cover different stages of a child’s life, from infancy to teenage years.   You can access the live sessions or the recordings as a Member of Sue’s Members Corner.  Register now at members.homeopathyformommies.com



Dr. Dinesh Chauhan has practiced classical Homoeopathy in Mumbai, India for over 16 years. He is well received by his patients as a caring homoeopath, and a dedicated teacher to students all over the globe.


Dr. Dinesh has lectured internationally and he has a three-year clinical course program in Japan, Serbia and Israel. He also conducts video courses and has created online courses for homeopaths in Canada, England, Japan, Belgium, Egypt and the USA.


The essence of his work reflects in the concept of an integrative inclusive holistic approach in homeopathy.  He uses this multidimensional approach not only in case taking, but in materia medica, repertory, so also in provings. This has brought many to look at these aspects in homeopathy from a different perspective rather than making it a fixed two dimensional approach.

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