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absent minded professorThat Absent-Minded Professor with Dr. Jan Bedell Podcast #16

Do you have an Absent-Minded Professor at your house?  The child that is really smart but has a low attention span, trouble sitting still, difficulty following directions, knows something one day and not the next, overreacts to sounds, touch, etc.  Many of these are symptoms of ADD/ADHD and from our point of view are caused by something in the brain that is not quite working the way it should.

The medical model is to give medications and suggest ways to cope and compensate for these sometimes debilitating symptoms.  Behaviorists suggest treating the symptoms with behavioral strategies.  Let me ask you this: If a child is challenged by a tactile system that is giving the wrong messages and causing an overload to his sensory system to the point the child can’t pay attention to anything else, would it help for someone to tell the child to sit still?  The answer is; no!  You would be asking the impossible.  Let’s have a paradigm shift to looking at the root cause of the symptom instead of trying to control or medicate it.

Here on this podcast you will hear of possible causes such as the reaction to stress and metabolic issues with an emphasis on the disorganized brain. The NeuroDevelopmental Approach offers a way to look at the root cause of symptoms.  Stimulating the brain at the root changes the function of the brain.  Yes, you can change the function of the brain, which in turn changes the function of the individual. To help you find those root causes, Little Giant Steps offers several options.  One option is a NeuroDevelopmental Screening available in Texas in the DFW area, Houston and Austin as well as at 2017 Home School Conventions in Sandusky, OH; Atlanta, GA; Nashville, TN; Benton, AR; Iowa, Oklahoma City, OK; and in Orlando, FL.  littlegiantsteps.com , see “Our Services” in the dropdown menu in the top navigation bar for details.

If you are concerned about the academic progress of your Absent-minded Professor just look at the test results in math, reading recognition and reading comprehension in the handout on this page.  Academics can actually be accelerated instead of the child struggling and becoming behind as is typical with other approaches to treating ADD/ADHD.

Check in next week as we explore how to make reading easier.

Be sure to get the handout attached here!  #Absent Minded Professor – Handout Podcast 16

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