Academic Integrity in Online Classes

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114: Academic Integrity in Online Classes

Academic Integrity in Online Classes
In this episode, Suzette Laporte-Ayo and Dr. Dana Underwood, FundaFunda Academy‘s Spanish and Biology teachers, join Meryl to discuss the problem of academic integrity in online classes.

Suzette has also been the guest on episode 25 where she shared how to use Quizlet to learn foreign language vocabulary.

Dana was one of the guests on episode 88 when we discussed online resources to make science engaging.

There are three main areas of concern that we discuss:

1. Plagiarism (For ways to teach your children not to plagiarize listen to episode 57)

2. Cutting corners on homework

3. Cheating on tests

We also talk about some of the reasons we believe students cheat and how parents can help prevent this from happening.

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Academic Integrity in Online Classes

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