Accept Responsibility for Your Actions not the Actions of Other People

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You are responsible for your actions not the actions of others

It is so easy to forget that we are to accept responsibility for our actions, not the actions of other people.

I realized this a few months ago because I was upset due to the actions of another person. Their actions did not impact me, personally. But, I was actually angry because I could not understand why someone would do/or say that ‘thing’ which had upset me.

So, I sat back and began to really consider the difference between righteous and self righteous anger. I also thought about Jesus’ commands to love others (including enemies), make disciples, and love the Lord our God more than anything else. As I thought about that, I realized that so often we become angry, upset and honestly downright self righteous when we see other people NOT doing that. I also realized that so many people are mad, angry and living without joy because there is an expectation that others should behave in a certain way, including unbelievers.

As I pondered those thoughts and prayed, I realized that all too often, I try to take on the responsibility of ‘owning’ another person’s actions or thoughts – and other people do it, too.  So, today, I want to share what I have learned about accepting responsibility for my actions, not the actions of other people – and how that has given me the freedom to have peace and rejoice daily. Grab your favorite drink, or your shoes to go for a walk and allow your own heart 20 minutes to find the peace and joy God wants you to experience – even in the worst of times.

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