Acute vs. Chronic Healing in Homeopathy

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There seems to be some confusion about healing Acute cases over Chronic cases. There seems to be some confusion about healing Acute cases over Chronic cases.

Let’s review:

Acute: Term used to describe sudden illness: such as a fever, infection, or injury: all have a rapid onset, run a short course and have pronounced symptoms and termination time.

Chronic: Any degenerative disease or weaknesses: which could be either acquired or inherited: of long duration.

Homeopathy treats the symptoms of disease – therefore treating the “patient” who has a disease.   When someone has an illness or a disease, that person will have physical and/or mental complaints. In homeopathy, we listen to the patient. We observe his symptoms, and then we choose a remedy that is most similar to what he is describing or to what we can observe. In homeopathy you will hear the saying over and over again, “Like cures like.”

This is known as Simillimum.

Simillimum: “The most Like” The homeopathic remedy which will produce the symptom complex “most like” that of a given disease. In other words, the most similar remedy corresponding to a case, the remedy most likely to cure. A remedy that most closely matches the symptom picture of the patient. The concept of the Simillimum refers to a homeopathic remedy that perfectly matches the state of an individual for whom it is prescribed.

You will find that no two persons will describe a headache in the same manner. The location, the intensity, the sensation of pain such as shooting, stabbing, pulsing,

throbbing, etc. In addition, they may all have different remedies that make the headache feel better or worse (the Modality).  These are all “symptoms” (Rubrics) that will indicate the correct remedy.

This is the beauty of homeopathy… it’s not generic: it caters to each individual and their very own, unique complaints.

Once you understand the key words, phrases and uniqueness of the message of each remedy the entire picture becomes clearer.

The language speaks to us of the remedy.

Bryonia is used when someone feels worse for motion. Arsenicum or Rhus tox is often used when someone is restless, and yet, any of these can be used for the flu!

How can this be? Think basic—don’t let your mind become cluttered with details—when the overall picture of a remedy fits that similarity of the remedy, it will speak to the body and trigger it to cure itself.

Our Pain is our personal warning signal, and as we describe our pain, we tell a story. Our story is filled with clues to finding (unlocking) our personal mystery.

God has left us with a plethora of remedies; each with its own manifestation; like a key to unlock a mystery. Our story, our language can be found within one of these many remedies. When this Remedy (Key) is found “Like Cures Like.”

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