Adam and Eve, From Bliss to Blisters

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Crystal and Kevin Niehoff, talk about how humankind ended up in the mess of sin and death that we find ourselves in.Episode #3 – Adam and Eve, From Bliss to Blisters

This week on the History for Christian Teens podcast, your hosts, Crystal and Kevin Niehoff, talk about how humankind ended up in the mess of sin and death that we find ourselves in. To do this, first we set the scene way back at the beginning in the Garden of Eden. The Lord God had just spent the first five days creating the sun, moon, stars, plants, trees, fish of the sea and every living creature upon the earth. Then, on the sixth day, God made man and woman which was Adam and Eve.

In the Garden of Eden, everything was perfect. Pure bliss. The garden was beautiful and plentiful. There was no hunger, no sickness, no fighting, and no death. Every need was provided for by our Creator God. Plus, Adam and Eve had the added blessing of walking and talking, in person, with God Himself, enjoying sweet fellowship together. That was until the crafty and cunning serpent convinced the first man and woman to eat fruit from the one and only tree that God had made off-limits to them, promising that their eyes would be opened and they would become wise like God.

Well, the eyes of Adam and Eve were opened indeed, but to a much different kind of wisdom than they had imagined. Suddenly, they were very aware of their nakedness and felt deep shame, guilt, and grief for what they had done. Because of their sin, our holy and just God pronounced judgment upon Adam, Eve, and the serpent bringing sin and death into the story of humankind.

Crystal and Kevin then wrap it up with three important life application lessons that can be learned and applied to our own lives. Then, they encourage further study into the foreshadowing of Christ in the very first sacrifice made by God Himself before Adam and Eve were exiled from their blissful garden home.

Next week- Now that sin has entered into the history of mankind, next week we will examine the story of two brothers and the first murder. The devastating result of disobedience and rejecting God’s word.

Resources referenced or recommended for further study:

The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel

Handbook for Christian Living Biblical Answers to Life’s Tough Questions by Charles F. Stanley

The Ultimate Bible Character Guide by Gina Detwiler

The Evidence Bible with Commentary by Ray Comfort

Scripture references:

  • Genesis chapters 1-3, 5
  • Luke 4:1-11
  • Psalm 119:11
  • James 4:7

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