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addictions Addiction to Additives by Sue Meyer

Podcast Episode #23

Join  Sue Meyer as she discusses addictions! You may just be surprised about what she considers an addiction! Sue walks you through live case scenarios and helps you to understand how we can so easily become so “addicted” to all things that we now consider normal.

This podcast show will start you on the road of realization while providing  you with the tools and enough knowledge to at least begin asking the right questions; “How do I protect my family in this world of growing prescriptions and additives?”

More information can be found in my book:

homeopathy for mommiesMore information can be found in my book:

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  1. Ii just wanted to thank you for this, also could you expand on what successfully helped you to aid in the nicotine detox from your body? I heard something along the lines of arcinica, menicillica or mexvomica lol and itsy pitsy? Thanks in advance for your reply, I assume my e-mail would be how to get the answer jodi

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