Adoption and the Homeschool Family, Part 1 – HIRL Episode 64

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Free homeschool podcast discussing the real issues of adoption.We have had several listeners ask us to address the topic of adoption, and while it would be really easy for us to produce a podcast explaining how to adopt and the benefits involved when a family adopts, we wanted to tackle all of the issues a family might be experiencing when bringing a child into the home.

In this two-part series, we sit down with our good friends in real life, Jeremy and Michele White, for a serious discussion about adoption. In this first episode, we discuss the beginning of the Whites’ journey, what led them to adopt, and how adoption ultimately changed their family and their homeschooling. We hope this story is a blessing and an encouragement to everyone who listens.

3:09 – Introduction
14:47 – Part One –  Discussion
18:02 – Part Two – Interview, Jeremy/Michele White
36:21 – Part Three – Interview, Jeremy/Michele White

Show Notes

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  1. Another great episode! Thank you for bringing up the topic of adoption. Our family has been praying about this very topic for six months now and are waiting for God’s response to whether we have been truly called to this path or not. And if we are, when are we supposed to start the process. This has brought up some questions I have never thought of before and I am excited for next week’s episode.
    By the way Kendra, Petra rocks! Thanks again for keeping it real.

    • Awesome Sarah! Thanks for letting us know that you liked the show! Adoption is exciting and we are glad you are going into it with the Lord’s leading and your eyes wide open. Tune in next week for part 2! – Fletch

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