Adoption and the Homeschool Family, Part 2 – HIRL Episode 65

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Free homeschool podcast about adoption.On the last episode we sat down with our good friends Jeremy and Michele White to have a serious discussion about adoption. We discussed the beginning of their homeschool journey, why they chose to adopt and the changes that happened as a homeschool family.

On this podcast we dig just a little bit deeper. The White’s second adoption did not end as they had planned. They open up about their story and share their journey with our listeners. This couple is not afraid to get real and share how the gospel allowed them to push through the hardest times in their marriage and family life only to come out of a failed adoption with a heart and a passion for adoption just as strong.

Learn about Kendra’s latest addiction and Fletch’s current favorite podcast on a quick edition of everyone’s favorite quiz show: Q and A with K and A.

Lastly, Fletch and Kendra unveil their Fall lineup of topics. You won’t want to miss what is coming.

3:08 – Introduction
16:08 – Part One –  Ninja Jesus/Adoption Talk Intro
20:29 – Part Two – Interview, Jeremy/Michele White
33:04 – Part Three – Interview, Jeremy/Michele White
40:06 – QandA with KandA – Addictions/Podcasts

Show Notes

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