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CoverAdventBook_1Creating memories is something I’m passionate about … in my homeschool adventures I am always amazed by all the opportunities there are to share special moments with the family. Anything that includes fire and the Bible has to be good, right?

An Advent Calendar is all of those things and more. I love looking at other websites for ideas and sometimes just have to come up with my own.

For our family it was a time to light a candle, read a Bible verse, and think quietly about the days leading up to Christmas. It is important for me to keep it Christ-centered because my love language is baking you a cookie – or a dozen – or buying gifts! I love to give-give-give; it makes me happy! Receiving…not so much!

Last year I searched for an activity I could do with my children, but they all fell short. I wanted to write a short verse or an encouraging phrase for the children to read, letting them know that yes, I love them and think about them in a good way! Often in large families, children get the attention of their parents when they are in trouble. How about when they are doing a good job? How often do we “catch them being good”?

So I created a calendar with pockets, that could be re-used year after year, to daily give them something hand-written from their mom to read. A short love note! On the back was a Scripture verse I wanted them to read. For those of you gifted with the sewing-gene, you may want to create yours with material; mine are done with paper and glue!

Here are the 5 short steps; if you want it done for you and an audio to boot, you can find that right here.

1. Use a file folder and draw grids to create a calendar. The children helped make their own.


2. Label with the days leading up to Christmas.


3. Decorate each “day” with some sort of picture OR print out the numbers like I did. For the younger children, you can use beautiful color graphics. (This is included in my kit).

4. Use some type of fastener, such as a a bright ribbon, or tack it to the wall. You can decorate the file folder with scrap book paper, or have the children paint or draw a manger scene at the bottom.

5.  For each day, write a positive thought and a Bible verse on a card. For instance, “You are a child of God, He loves you so much and so do I!” or “I pray the Lord blesses you today and always.”  Then hand this card to your child, or surprise them each morning by placing one in their calendar.

That’s it! Your very own Advent Calendar – now go make your own and start making memories!!

Advent Calendar Complete

If you’d enjoy seeing some other great ideas for celebrating Advent, go here to Keeping Christ in Christmas, Christmas Traditions by show host Katie Hornor, and making Christmas ornaments.

I’m participating in a blog hop! My first – hope you enjoy all of these great ideas on Christmas celebrations.



  1. Hi there, What a great idea for an advent calender. I’ll have to try that. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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