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Everyone is an amazing homeschool mom because you’ve made the decision to homeschool! Everyone has a story of how you came about deciding to homeschool and I’d love to hear from you! If you have a story you’d like to share here, please do — let us know how you came about with the decision to homeschool.

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Are you an amazing homeschool Mom? Here is are the stories leading to why Meredith Curtis and Felice Gerwitz decided to homeschool. We believe that amazing homeschool moms are created by the grace of God!

The Curtis’ Family journey of deciding whether or not to begin homeschooling. The audio contains more information here are some points.

  1. Mid 1980’s – working as a nurse with Native American natives – newly married and received a book out of the blue on homeschooling by Raymond Moore. He is thought of as the father of the homeschool movement.
  2. Moved to Virginia Beach and joined a church with many homeschoolers. The children were close to the parents and saw such virtue in children and teenagers who homeschooled and it impressed her.
  3. Read the book, “Homegrown Kids.”
  4. Sing – Spell – Read and Write – an entire floor of the library was devoted to homeschool materials.
  5. Prayed for a calling from the Lord. Her husband wasn’t sold on it, but he was open to the ideas.
  6. Greg Harris – the Christian Homeschool – her husband helped to promote this. Greg laid out Biblically it is the parent’s responsibility to homeschool and shared his Biblical foundation, responsibility, and accountability to God.
  7. Mike said – “We are homeschooling our children.” – this from her husband.
  8. Continued to research, and “How to Create Your Own Your Unit Study,” by Valerie Bendt.
  9. The Curtis’ began homeschooling with several years of research and learning about it before she began.
  10. All the children were homeschooled and now her daughter is

The Gerwitz Family’s journey began in 1986.

  1. I didn’t feel called to homeschool – I was an education major who wanted to change the world – I loved kids and I had a purpose of educating and making the world a better place.
  2. After the birth of my first child, I happily stayed home because I couldn’t bear to leave him home. As I watched him grown, then we had another child.
  3. I am not proud to admit that I talked people out of homeschooling! But the Lord had other ideas.
  4. At this time, I started noticing some delays in my son – and even with all of my intervention, he just seemed a little slower in grasping.
  5. After fighting with the school board and the academic placement of Neal – I happened to meet a lady whose child had the same diagnosis of my son of Mosaicism – she was a wonderful lady who used hands-on materials and taught me so much by example.
  6. My husband and I prayed and he decided I should try it for 6 months.
  7. We never looked back and homeschooled all five of our children.
  8. Letting Go and letting God is a decision I made almost every day.
  9. Releasing my children’s needs to the Lord as well as mine is also a daily decision and one I continue with today.

Tips for homeschool moms.

  1. God has set you apart to do this work.
  2. God has a purpose for every child and every mom
  3. You are the perfect person to teach them – to raise them.
  4. Jesus does not make mistakes! He chose you.
  5. God puts us in situations to be dependent on Him – if you are with me I can do this.
  6. God is with us – we can surrender to Him and He will pour out his grace.
  7. He will anoint us to educate and raise your children.
  8. God never becomes angry! He is there every step of the way if you let Him.
  9. God wants to be the center.
  10. God wants to reveal Himself to you!

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