An Inspirational Interview with Todd Wilson, the Family Man

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2014 09 21 FamilyMan Show Button  Tune in to this special Father’s Day episode of Roadschool Moms with inspirational homeschool dad, Todd Wilson.

Are you doubting yourself again? Doubting your abilities?  Wondering if you’re screwing up your kids for life?  If so, you’re not alone!  We all have these doubts, but in this episode of Roadschool Moms, Todd Wilson, The Family Man, sets us all straight and reveals the often overlooked gifts of roadschooling.

Tune in for an hour that will change your perspective and give you the boost you need to restore your confidence.

You’ve got this Roadschool Mom!  Press play  – listen to Todd’s message everyday until it sinks in!

You can find more information about Todd including his speaking schedule at

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