How To Help Your Anxious Child

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Hey, homeschoolers! Few things are as distressing as having an anxious child. I’m revisiting the topic today.


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In this conversation, Melanie Wilson discusses anxiety in homeschoolers and provides a three-part framework for managing anxiety. The first part of the framework is prevention, which includes ensuring regular sleep and wake times, engaging in exercise, and limiting caffeine intake. The second part is recognizing the symptoms of anxiety, such as muscle tension, headaches, stomach aches, and insomnia. The third part is substitution, which involves teaching children to calm themselves down through deep breathing and changing their thoughts. Wilson emphasizes the importance of faith in managing anxiety and suggests using scriptures and truth journaling as tools. Overall, she emphasizes that anxiety can be overcome with practice and offers her curriculum, Training Aliens, as a resource.


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Truth Journaling

Top Bible Verses for Anxiety

Training Aliens

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