Apps for high school students

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Apps for high school students

189: Apps for High School Students

Natalie Vaughn, who is newly graduated, shares with us the apps for high school students, she found the most useful.

Listen to the interview I did with her last summer as part of the Techie Teen series where she talked about her job as a virtual assistant.

Natalie helped me write a 10-part blog series on preparing your homeschooled teen for college and shared lots of useful advice based on her own experience.

  1. My Study Life (organization of deadlines, class schedules, etc.)
  2. Duolingo
  3. Anki (an alternative for Quizlet)
  4. Grammarly (spell and grammar check)
  5. Lit Charts (summaries, character breakdowns, outlines, etc. for classic novels)
  6. Easy Bib (can choose from a variety of formats to cite in, can scan barcodes of books to auto-generate a citation)
  7. Khan Academy (video explanations and can organize by class, bookmark videos, etc.)
  8. Mimo (like Duolingo for coding, free version and premium version available)

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Apps for high school students

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