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My friend Ashley and I had a great chat today about traveling with young kids and tips for being remembered as a good guest. Many of you will be traveling with young kids during the holidays. My friend, Ashley will be traveling too. She and I had a great chat today about traveling with young kids and tips for being remembered as a good guest.

  1. Make a phone call to the host family. Ask if you need to bring high chairs/portable cribs/ sleeping bags, etc. Also, ask if any special clothes will be needed for events happening during your visit.
  2. Pack some activities in Ziploc bags for the car ride and trip. Blocks, cars, animals, puzzles, books, crayons, stickers and paper work great!
  3. Discuss with your spouse who will put kids to bed each night so that each of you get some “adult” time on your trip.
  4. Ask for the tentative meal schedule and inform hostess of any scheduling conflicts your family has, so everyone can plan.
  5. Ask before doing. Ask about the house rules (no shoes on carpet, no eating in family room, etc…) and let your kids know these up front. Just because you have certain rules at your house doesn’t mean your host family will have the same rules.
  6. Keep your space picked up. Even if you don’t make your bed at home, it is good manners to make your bed, daily when visiting others.
  7. If children are disruptive, remove them from the situation. Very few children suddenly start behaving again after a big meltdown. Often this is due to lack of sleep and extra sugar during the holidays.
  8. Take your host a small token of appreciation (wine, candle, loaf of bread, etc…) and a handwritten note.
  9. Ask what needs to be done with dirty linens. It is standard etiquette to take sheets off bed, fold them and put them on the end of the bed and remake the bed. However, not every host wants that done. Asking is always best.

10.Leave things better than you found them. J

Visiting others does not have to be stressful. Preparation should make things easier on you and your host family.

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