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art of kids cooking | Did you know cooking is an art? Did you know the art of kids cooking can be successful? The Art of Kids Cooking

Raddish Kids Creator – Meet Chef Samantha Barnes with Felice Gerwitz

Podcast #225

Did you know cooking is an art? Did you know the art of kids cooking can be successful? Today, many people order food kits to prepare meals at home, now kids can learn to cook like a professional. How? With an amazing kit that comes right to your doorstep. Raddish Kids Creator, Samantha Barnes is our special guest and shares how she created this amazing kit for kids. Learn how parents can guide their children with easy to prepare meals at home, each month. The interactive sets include specialty items to cook with as well as laminated cards and step-by-step meals with wonderful illustrations.


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Show Notes: Raddish Kids Creator – Meet Chef Samantha Barnes 

    1. Samantha began as a teacher and soon realized her students loved cooking. She is the founder of Kitchen Kid and is a Culinary Coach. Samantha has merged her two passions – teaching and cooking. Soon she began Raddish Kids with the idea to send recipes home for parents to incorporate with their own children.
    2. Homeschoolers love to incorporate “school” in creative ways … I love the concept of cooking with kids – share with us your goals for cooking: (Check out the website and the list “what will your Rad-Kid gain from cooking with you?”
    3. Getting kids to eat healthily I think is one of the most difficult parenting challenges – Samantha shares her suggestions including cooking with children. Be sure to leave enough time to cook so you are not rushed. Children love eating things they create.
    4. Raddish kids include recipes for kids with allergies or dietary restrictions on their website

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