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Hey, homeschoolers! I met Phil and Erin Ulrich at the Great Homeschool Convention in South Carolina. I fell in love with their books and Phil’s writing story. I invited him to join me on the podcast to discuss advice for aspiring writers. I know many of you would like to write or have kids who love it.

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Advice for Aspiring Writers

Phil and I discussed:

  • His fascinating journey to becoming a writer
  • The surprising focus every aspiring writer must have
  • Where the idea for Growly Books came from


You can find links to freebies, information about the Growly Books, and some special offers at Enter the giveaway for a full set of books with personalized inscription, three freamable illustrations, books, and stickers by commenting with what interests you about the books here.

Thanks again to Voyage Course for sponsoring this episode. Have a happy homeschool week!

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