Assigning Grades for Homeschool High School Transcripts: Special Replay

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This week on Homeschool Highschool Podcast: Assigning Grades for Homeschool High School Transcripts.

Assigning Grades for High School Transcripts

Assigning Grades for Homeschool High School Transcripts

Homeschooling gets serious when our teens hit high school! No more simply learning for the love of learning. Rather, our high schoolers can still love learning but there must definitely be grades because there must also be a transcript!

Many of us homeschooling moms never assigned grades in elementary or middle school. We wanted our kids to learn to love education and not be pressured by grades. However, in homeschool high school, we need to doing some special training:

  • For perfectionistic teens on what a stopping point is. What is GOOD ENOUGH…and learn to stop there!
  • Also, for teens who do not care at all about grades: learning to discipline themselves. What is GOOD ENOUGH for them? (Then work on school assignments until reaching good enough.)
  • Us moms who are too soft or too hard on their teens how to stick to guidelines. Assigning grades helps both our teens and ourselves develop self-discipline!
    • Self-discipline is the key for successful grading.
    • AND self-discipline is a necessary life skill.

SO, grading is serious but it is also helpful! How can we homeschool moms manage grading homeschool high schoolers? In this episode, we share some thoughts about assigning grades for homeschool high schoolers.

Follow Sabrina’s Guideline: Good grading comes from goals

Good planning for your homeschool high schoolers helps you clarify goals (for high school overall and for each course). Clear goals make grading easier!

Make a formula that takes in the goals for each course for each student, including:

  • Effort
  • Mastery
  • Cooperation with peers (in a group class or co-op class)

Remember: You set the goals for your teens. There’s not ONE right way to homeschool high school- or to set goals for a course! If you would like suggestions: check out this episode of Homeschool Highschool Podcast where we discuss goals and grading of writing in high school.

BTW- One way to help set goals for each homeschool high school course is to create a course description. Course descriptions are brief but detailed descriptions of your homeschool high schoolers’ courses. There are lots of details on how to create course descriptions in this post.

Create a rubric for grading.

Rubrics can be enormously helpful when grading. Rubrics help homeschool parents know WHAT to grade. Not only that, but rubrics also help students know what is expected of them. Rubrics are adaptable to any different course or assignment. Start with your goals, then decide what and how to grade.

Explain the rubric to the homeschool high schoolers so that they know what is expected and what will be graded.

Use rubrics, especially in courses that include writing, projects or labs. (Also, avail your teen of the peer review process if you have a co-op class.)

  • In concrete courses like math, you simply need to explain the grading process.
    • % of grade that comes from tests
    • % of grade that comes from daily assignments
    • % of grade that comes from attitude
    • Explain to teens that they will experience *subjective points* occasionally in co-op classes and in college
  • Homeschool moms have the right to adapt rubrics in textbooks for their goals.

For more on rubrics, check out these posts:

For more on assigning grades for homeschool high schoolers, check out these posts:

Join Sabrina, Vicki and Kym for an informative chat about grading homeschool high schoolers.


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