Asthma and Homeopathy

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Asthma and HomeopathyAsthma and Homeopathy

Asthma is physical. Very physical. Very distressing and very scary. Not only for the patient, but for everyone around them.

In homeopathy, we look for the “Trigger” to their symptoms.

Most doctors look for an allergic trigger, but that is rarely a verifiable trigger….it just kind of seems that way.

We know that a genetic pre-disposition will leave any of us with certain weakness or tendencies. So why asthma?

Tune in as we talk about Asthma Triggers and homeopathy in this episode.

May God Bless You and Yours,

Sue Meyer

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  1. Jan burlet says

    Thank you for great insights to this very scary ailment and sharing the remedies to help with symptoms.
    Jan b

  2. How often would you give Arsenicum 200C? My daughter with the asthma once had eczema and a homeopath gave her Arsenicum 200c only one dose and in another month another dose and it cleared up. Is it like that or would you repeat the dosing more often? Thanks!

    • I have a policy not to interfere with other homeopath’s clients, so I would follow up with your homeopath at this point.

  3. I know that my comment will not make sense given what you said about the importance of the patient speaking for herself but I know deep down that my daughter’s ashtma is connected to the birth of her brother. I am sure there were other factors but she was 2 then and never had it before, at the time we were not well equipped to deal with those huge emotions that accompany the arrival of a sibling and I am sure how she felt coupled with our limited patience were a trigger 🙁 I always felt this. It is mild asthma but she has wheezing and cough 2 3 times a week (no breathing problems), we know how to manage the acutes with homeopathy pretty well at this point but it is not uprooted yet. I know you can’t really take a case in this format 🙂 but does this scenario elicits any suggestion? Either way, thank you for this great podcast!I found you “by accident” … maybe time to reach out to a professional homeopath 🙂

    • Sue Meyer says

      It sounds like her best scenario would be to have a full consult taken as there are many factors involved. So glad you enjoyed the podcast!

  4. p.s. do you also take clients?

  5. Hello! Thank you for the podcast! I had a clarifying question regarding the Arsenicum. Do you always use 200 in that remedy or do you go higher or lower depending on the situation? You mentioned higher and lower potencies of it doing somewhat different things. I know 200 is considered a higher potency. So will that work more on the mental, and you would perhaps give Arsenicum 30 to help open the bronchial airways? My husband has asthma and I want to get a better understanding of how to choose so I know what to give him. He tried Arsenicum 30 last night and it helped him breathe better, though he still felt some discomfort which I imagine would have gone away if he would have taken another dose, which he did not, or maybe if he would have taken 200. If you could clarify this a bit, that would really help us. Thank you so much!! Blessings.

    • If you want to go higher than a 200c, I would get with a homeopath. You can try to dose the 30c a second time if you want, but I find that 200c works best for asthma in my experience. Remember, Arsenicum will help manage it over time but constitutional care in most cases will take care of it completely.

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