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Astronomical Events and Homeschooling | Are you ready for an astronomical event, the total solar eclipse? Well, today (April 8, 2024) is the day if you are listening to this podcast in real time! It is a long-awaited event that has received a lot of press coverage. However, it is one among the many that happen in our skies | #podcast #homeschoolpodcast #Episode521 #AstronomicalEventsandHomeschooling #AstronomicalEventsAstronomical Events and Homeschooling ~ Episode 521

Are you ready for an astronomical event, the total solar eclipse? Well, today (April 8, 2024) is the day if you are listening to this podcast in real time! It is a long-awaited event that has received a lot of press coverage. However, it is one among the many that happen in our skies.

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The go-to website for all things astronomical is the NASA website. The direct link to the total eclipse is here.

Here is a great poster for your homeschool about the different types of solar eclipses Earth and Space Science Exploring Solar Eclipses Educational Infographic

In the many years of homeschooling, I found that real learning took place when the children were able to experience the events of the day. Whether the events took place before we went on a field trip or after we watched a documentary. Often, we would research first and then follow-up visits whenever possible. When we did a rock study, we coupled it with a family trip to the mountains. This took us to states that actually had good samples of rocks to collect. Florida, where we live, is great for visits to the beach, sedimentary studies, flora and fauna, birds (especially waterfowl), and swamp-type activities. We were card-carrying members of all of the local nature centers and visited the planetarium on a regular basis.

I took astronomy in college, and let me tell you, it was not an easy science unless you excelled in math. I thought I was decent, but back in the day our telescopes, while powerful, still had to be adjusted to keep the target in our viewer. I loved it but learned early on that I’d keep it a hobby. The kids had telescopes, and these were not the best; we found that a high-powered pair of binoculars worked best, and a very dark night sky.

As a homeschool parent, I always capitalized on “real-time” events with my family. Even if you are not in the direct path of the eclipse, there are so many activities you can do as a family. Here are some ideas that you can follow to get the most out of real-life learning.

  1. Call off your regular school activities and study the path of the total eclipse.
  2. If you are on the path, be sure to get safe eyewear so you can view the eclipse safely. Here is a list of safety guidelines:
  3. Have the children keep a journal of the event. Write down things that you learned about the eclipse and where it traveled, and have the children draw a map of its path. You can find this on the website here –
  4. Research other astronomical events coming this year and the next.
  5. Create a 3-D model for the younger children with the planets and the solar system.

Other Astronomical Events:

  1. The planets. Often the planets can be seen in the night sky. Set up a time monthly when you check your area to see what planets you can see with a high-powered set of binoculars.
  2. Upcoming launches and landings, the happening of our space program here.
  3. Be aware of pseudo-science. For example, when talking about comets, the “Oort Cloud” is often cited as an example, as the claims are that there are billions of comets within its realm. The problem is there is no evidence that the Oort cloud even exists! Here is a great article here 
  4. This is an older post about the eclipse – but there are some great activities for kids here.

Other Phenomenon – Astronomical Event of Warning?

Whenever there are astronomical events there are many who share things that might cause you to pause, such as religious chastisement and the like. Here is the thing: as a Christian, I believe that we need to look at every day as if it is our last and live life with God’s grace to the fullest. We need to err on the side of caution always, and be prepared, but do not allow gloom your peace to be disrupted by dire warnings. Recently I was presented with a video from a fairly trusted source on YouTube, and as I listened to this video it did seem that chastisement was imminent.

One of the reported “signs” of chastisement was that the path of the eclipse would go through 7 towns named Nineveh – if you know your Bible, Jonah the prophet was sent to Nineveh to warn them about impending doom if they did not repent. Everyone from the King on down did repent and turn back to God and their town was spared. However, the total eclipse will not go through 7 towns of Nineveh – but it will go through two, in Indiana and Ohio, if this blog/map is correct. See the link here.  

Here is another interactive map with the Nineveh listed.

The last eclipse and this one intersect to form a cross at some point near Missouri. We must always remember that God is merciful, slow to anger, and compassionate, (Jonah 4:2)

The main thing to remember is that we can use everything as a teaching moment for our children. I pray that you found this podcast informative! And please share it with a friend.



Best Year Ever – Total Solar Eclipse

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