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BadAttitude_HomeForLearning_BlogWho would have thougth that recording a podcast for my Vintage Homeschool Moms show, on having the right attitude would be so difficult. It wasn’t so much the praying, the planning or the scripting out my key points… it wasn’t the handout or even the recording that was the issue. It was the playback that caused me … well, a bad attitude. It was garbled after the first three minutes.


So, having a good attitude in all things – like I just taught in the audio I recorded, served as a reminder–to me! I did what my notes said to do… thanked the Lord, because obviously that first recording wasn’t the version he wanted anyone to hear! I immediately left the office (where I record) and asked my family for prayer – so, they all prayed and I was able to record the second version quickly, praise God!

Having a good attitude (the audio and handout is here) consists of so many things. It is making a decision to change but also involves getting into the right frame of mind. How can we do this on our own? Not very easily. You often hear buzz words like “willpower” , “positive attidude” , telling yourself “you can do it!” , and having the “right stuff”…

Whle all of this sounds very good it is a very self-centered and “me” focused outlook on life.

Attitude Is Everything


Or is it? Is attitude everything? IS it all you need? Maybe not, but it sure helps to have a good attitude.

Let’s face it, bad attitudes often stem from not getting your own way. For a Christian a good attitude is more than that…it is related to our actions and reactions to a situation (like a garbled recording) and realizing that ultimately God is in control and this is not heaven. We should have a positive outlook because most of us have so much to be thankful for in our life. Having a good attitude or a positive outlook doesn’t come naturally and for most it is impossible to do daily, but we can strive to improve our attitude and those around us with prayer and with strength that comes from God.

We are created in the image and likeness of God. We should rejoice!

I once had a friend who would often wear me out. At the time I didn’t realize it was due to her negative attitude. She complained about every situation and every person in her life. If she didn’t have a problem she wasn’t happy. Complaining is what she did best. I reazlied I was enabling her by sympathizing or agreeing with what she shared. Finally, I made an effort to surround myself with those who were uplifting or at the very least realized the need for prayer or change in their lives. It was only then that I could see how this friend’s example was wearing off on me and I too was becoming critical of others and looking at life negatively, as well. I realized it was time to distance myself.

How often do you dwell on the negative instead the positive?

Some do it naturally, others need help to break bad habits. I have a granddaughter who tends to be negative. We encourage her with positive words and if all else fails, I tell her to smile! Training starts at a very young age.

God knows our hearts and our focus. Being unsatisfied with our circumstances, our possessions or our relationships can cause us to be negative. The only person I can change is me. I can’t change my kids, grandkids or my husband. I certainly can’t change my friends. I can set an example and pray for others.

I learned through the hardships of my cousin who married someone she thought she could change (and could not) that change comes from within and through the saving grace of God. Only God can change us if we allow him to – if we give him permission. Change comes in all shapes in sizes. It come is appreciating the little things, the starlight or the fresh smell of the air after a rain. It comes in making myself be thankful that my GMC Yukon dings an false alarm, everytime I start driving, that is caused by a faulty computer chip (a $1,500 fix that my husband decided was unnecessary). I purposely thank God that it dings, one ding past annoying. I won’t have a bad attitude about a car that works great, otherwise. It is a mind over matter situation.

The key is putting on the mind of Christ. In 1 Corinthians 2:16 it states: “Who has known the mind of the Lord so as to instruct him? But we have the mind of Christ.”

Realizing the tried and true, and yes overused, “WWJD” (What would Jesus do?) is really a good way to get into the mind of Christ. It is in giving that we receive, in understanding that we are understood, in exhibiting patience for others that others will have patience for us. We teach by example and how often I fail. In banding together with like minded friends and family we can show each other the compassion that comes from faith and grace. This blessing allows us to show unbelievers that being a Christian is more than words, it is faith in action.

There are many other keys to having a good attitude and I hope you’ll join me in seaching for them in the Scriptures.





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