Audiobooks in Homeschooling

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Audiobooks –Homeschooling

audiobooks |  Here are my top audiobooks for your homeschooling. #podcast #homeschool #homeschooltipsHere are my top audiobooks for your homeschooling. Many people want to supplement their curriculum with audio and video, but I want to caution you about making it an all or nothing. In this podcast, I’ll share my favorite audio supplements that I used with my children over the years. These are absolutely the best and you won’t want to miss this episode!

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Why use audiobooks in the homeschool?

There are many reasons to use audio – video in your homeschool. It can be a reinforcement to your child’s learning as well as a way to bring a story for life. Little children love to listen to audios that tell a story as well as read along with a book they are trying to learn how to read. Audios make car rides go so much easier and there are many favorites I will share.

How do you know they are learning when the children listen to audios?

  1. Retell – have your children tell you what they’ve learned in their own words
  2. Notebooking: You can use notebooking which is perfect with audio learning…on a previous podcast HERE
  3. A presentation, the kids can act out what they learned.

Printable for Notebooking: Notebook page

Why does audiobooks help in the homeschooling?

  • Learn new vocabulary.
  • Reinforce learning.

You can use the library to borrow audio books. This is

Here are some great resources for audiobooks — homeschooling:

  1. Heirloom Audios — here is an interview with one of the creators of the audio series
  2. The Great Courses – here
  3. Adventures in  Odyssey – by far my children’s favorite audios. I purchased all the cassette tapes and then CD’s and now you can visit their blog and official website. I love these audios as a parent because it showed the children, in an entertaining way about faith, honesty, salvation, responsibility, forgiveness, history, change and growth and evangelism.
  4. Homeschool audios – curriculum one of my favorite websites – they have a landing page for homeschool audios.
  5. Amazon Audible – Prime – homeschool landing page, lots of great audios
  6. LibriVox – most come from the Project Gutenberg library
  7. Your Story Hour – one of our best purchases, lots of audio biographies

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