6 Reasons To Include Audiobooks In Your Homeschool

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Hey, homeschoolers!

If you’ve ever worried that you’re copping out by allowing your kids to listen to audiobooks in lieu of reading, this episode is for you. There are six benefits of using audiobooks in your homeschool that I’ll cover today.

But first, I want to invite you to join me for the Time Blocking Summit March 5th-7th. I will be sharing how to create a weekly schedule when you don’t have a routine life. The summit is free to watch live. Go to TimeBlockingSummit.info.

I’m also excited to announce that Grammar Galaxy Nebula is now available as an audiobook. It’s perfect for auditory learners, struggling readers, and busy moms. Launch pricing is available now through March 7th.  Here’s a sample for you and your kids to check out.

Sponsor: FabuLingua

I’d like to thank my sponsor for this episode, Fabulingua.

Helping your child learn a second language, especially when you don’t speak it, can seem intimidating!

The vocabulary lists, the grammar drills… there’s a better way. The magic of children’s stories makes it fun and easy for your child to learn a second language like Spanish.

The most important factor in learning a new language is how much ‘input’ of that new language gets absorbed. It doesn’t have to be perfectly understood – just comprehensible.

That’s where FabuLingua comes in. Their app provides a huge amount of written and spoken ‘comprehensible input’ through beautiful, interactive children’s stories.

FabuLingua was created for families who are seeking a convenient, effective tool to support their language learning goals – in a fun and effortless way. FabuLingua kids don’t ask to ‘learn’ with the app – they ask to ‘play’ with it!

Their mission is to make it fun and accessible to children, so that learning another language is something they are excited to do!

New stories are released each month and you can explore your first story free. Look for FabuLingua on the App Store or Google Play Store. That’s F-A-B-U-L-I-N-G-U-A. FabuLingua – magical stories that teach kids Spanish.

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Have a happy homeschool week!

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