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Let’s Talk About Auditory Processing with Tara Jenner!

Tara is a homeschool mom who is an amazing resource for cognitive training! She is the owner of The Brain Trainers & her brand new site Brain Trainers Connection

Tara recommends theraphy that works and she has used!

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Tara is a homeschool mom who has helped many students to overcome learning challenges.

She’ll discuss how important auditory training is for reading, spelling and comprehension. Do you have a child who struggles academically? We discuss the following:

  • How English is a sound-to-code language and what that means.
  • How many sounds are in the English language.
  • What is dyslexia and why does everyone think it has to do with reversals
  • Auditory has to do with written language, how can that be?
  • What are some tips we can give to learn these individual sounds?
  • Are there any fun games?

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