Authentic Values: Recent History

Recent History –

Habits of the Heart by Sullivan, Bellah, Madsen

Chronicles the the shift in the 1970’s to postmodernism and political correctness, which has lead to the socially predatory rhetoric of critical race theory and the language of intersectionality.

The 80’s and 90’s synthetic values took over the Media and the educational academies.


  • Postmodernism –doesn’t accept truth claims. It is time bound and doesn’t recognize timeless truths. This is the beginning of tyrannical language cloaked in victimization.
  • Axiomatic Truths – basic starting places-“Properly basic;” truth claims;; Ethical economy.
  • Critical Theory- power dynamics regarding race, sex, culture, etc. based on relative power dynamics; who has power and who doesn’t.

“There are two sides to every argument but one side to facts.”

Relationships are more complicated when cultures are breaking down. Culture provides a common frame of reference that makes meaning and communication easier and more straightforward.


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“American society as drifted away from its natural law understanding of society, the Republic, of people and we’ve lost the common frame of references to have real conversations with one another about what is right, good, and proper. That’s applying to all levels of society now. For us to be able to keep our heads in all of this, it’s important that we really focus on authentic values and natural law and apply that first in our own life and then with others. This is the basis of Christian faith and values.” Dr. David Nehring

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