Authentic Values: The Cause of Polarization

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Authentic Values: The Cause of PolarizationAuthentic Values: The Cause of Polarization

What is causing Polarization?


  • Authentic Values- genuine and trustworthy- it is what it is. Our design and purpose as humans.
  • Synthetic Values- made by humans by adding or removing substances.
  • Metaphysics- provides the basis for understanding what is true, good, beautiful, rational and just. It is the basis for understanding our understanding; the framework.
  • Religion- how we engage with God
  • Natural Law- transcends individual, culture, gender or race.

Scripture References

  • Ecclesiastes3:11 – Eternity in their hearts
  • Romans 2-3- the Torah within them

Book Recommendation

  • That Hideous Strength C.S.Lewis
  • The Space Trilogy by C.S.Lewis

Examples of Synthetic Values – certain values are inverted above others.

  • Communism
  • State Mandated Socialism
  • All Marxism
  • Facism
  • True Racism
  • Transhumanism
  • Atheistic Capitalism

You can be an authentic person with synthetic values.

Being True to yourself is not the same as being True, trustworthy or honest. Telling my own “truth” is about perception and opinion. It is not necessarily fact based.

“The Social chaos is not created by the polarization. The polarization is a result of a mass misunderstanding of natural value.” Dr. David Nehring

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  1. This podcast series has been just lovely! I would love to have discussions with other parents about the two suggested CS Lewis books. Sound worth delving into.

    • Lisa Nehring says

      Hi Sarah, Check out True North Homeschool Academy’s Parent Equipping and let us know you want to delve into Lewis in our Weekly Book Club! Thanks for commenting!

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