Authentic Values: Who We Are

Authentic Values; We Hold these Truths to be Self-EvidentAuthentic Values; We Hold these Truths to be Self-Evident

The Articles of Confederation declare who WE are. “WE” as former loyal subject to the Crown of England, now separated from fidelity and loyalty to the Crown and committed to the understanding and values of natural law, which the Crown no longer recognized in regards to the colonists. .

The Declaration of Independence gave legal form to the United States. It establishes the “We” in “We the People…of these United States…” There is no authentic “We” in America apart from the Declaration of Independence!

The Constitution provides the rules of the game.

Liberty- to enact values and understandings of who they are under natural law

Bible– clarification and codification of God’s design

Americans– located in time and space

America- based on ideas and values, principles of Declaration-natural law and authentic values. The Declaration is the answer key. How Americans behave is the performance

Because there been poor performances on the test, people keep coming up with different answer keys. Once you do that you no longer have a class-or a country- you have a mess.

If you are going to be fully alive and press into what God has for you in life, it’s probably going to be an adventure.

Is fealty to a country important?  A country is a system that allows manifestation and application of authentic transcendent principles that make for a dignified society that American has been to planet earth.

“If you are not proud to be an American, you don’t understand what America is.” Dr. David Nehring

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