Planning in Strange Times

This week on Life Skills 101 Podcast with Lisa Nehring – Let’s talk about Planning in Strange Times with Tamera Pool!  Listen in for some great tips.  Here are some show notes for you:

  • Examine what your kids need, and help them plan how to address it
  • Don’t be afraid to ask God what you need
  • Pray for your kids
  • Remember; you don’t always need what everyone says you need
    • Borrow
    • Buy used
  • Know your goals
  • Be specific in your goals
    • Do it
    • Get accountability
    • If you need it, get help
  • Make back up plans in case your plan A isn’t viable
  • Be proactive
    • Don’t get things done at the last minute

Resources from TNHA

Christian Psychology

Book Club

Speech Club

Middle Schoolers Writing Club

U.S. Lit and Comp

U.S. History through film


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Writing and Education in Crazy times with Andrew Pudewa of Institute for Excellence in Writing

In this week's episode of Life Skills 101 podcast, Andrew Pudewa of IEW fame offers several tips to encourage this skill in crazy times.While Writing isn’t exactly a soft skill, it is an invaluable hard skill that makes a feed back loop with the soft skills. Andrew Pudewa of IEW fame offers several tips to encourage this skill in crazy times.

  • The top two things needed for your kids are; Language Skills (liberal arts), and Math skills (Logic/Stem/Arithmetic)
    • Choose what is interesting, but also needed.
  • Teach your kids how to memorize
    • Especially poetry, this will teach them diction, and heavily ingrain a love for language and reading, which in turn will give them a love for learning.
  • The 4 deadly errors of teaching writing:
    • Over correction
    • With holding help- if your child asks for it when writing, they probably need it.
    • Unclear Assignments- Your child cannot follow instructions they don’t understand. Be clear.
    • Over expectation- set a high bar, but be willing to give grace for learners.


Resources from IEW

  • TWSS
  • Language Acquisition Through Poetry
  • Themed Based Writing Books
    • Ancient History
    • Fables, Myths and Fairy Tales
    • People and Places
    • All things fun and fascination
  • With all of the resources in the world of homeschooling today, you can get the best of both worlds of Public School and Homeschool

True North Resources

  • British Literature
  • ‘Dinner with Shakespeare and Dickens’
  • Literature through the movies
  • Writing Club

The Power of Notebooking with Cindy Rushton

Join Life Skills 101 and Cindy Rushton as we talk about notebooking!Join Lisa Nehring and this week’s special guest, Cindy Rushton, and they discuss the power of notebooking!  Here are some notes from the podcast:

  • Note-booking: A storage container for new ideas or thoughts you want to remember.
    1. “… The way for writers who love to write, to write what they love about or what they love to learn”
  • Notebooks document what you have studied. It allows you to interact with the material in a unique way.
    1. Lapbooks; a smaller, portable version that fits inside the larger notebook
  • Notebooks allow the child to get their thoughts on a subject down, then read them when most needed later in life.
    1. An example would be Cindy’s son Matt; after a hard deployment in Afghanistan, he found a quote in his childhood notebook:

“…My religious belief teaches me to feel as sage in battle as in Bed. God has fixed the time of my death. I do not concern myself about that, but to be always ready, no matter when it may overtake me. Captain, that is the way all men should live, and then all would be equally brave.” -Stonewall Jackson

The Notebooks help our children be ready for life:

    • Matt Rushton is currently developing new ideas based off what is written in his notebook
    • Helps with Learning as a lifestyle, as it is to hold what interests its owner. This will carry with us no matter where we go.

Cindy’s books:

Equipping tools; Academic Advising, Special Needs help, and other online workshops

Dealing with the DARK SIDE of World History with Linda Lacour Hobar

Please join Linda Lacour Hobar, author of The Mystery of History, for a pensive and inspirational look at how and why to embrace the dark side of history! Does the dark side of history get you down? Are you unsettled by the morbid details? Fear not! The gloom and doom of world history, and concerns of present-day, can be a valuable and effective tool for teaching life lessons and reaching the hearts of your students with the Gospel.

Please join Linda Lacour Hobar, author of The Mystery of History, for a pensive and inspirational look at how and why to embrace the dark side of history! (Content appropriate for students age 10 and up.)

Visit the Mystery of History website

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Creating a Drama Free Team!

Today I'm joined by Felice Gerwitz, who has a wealth of practical information  and wisdom when it comes to working efficiently and drama free!Today I am joined by Felice Gerwitz, owner of Media Angles, The Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network and the Christian Podcast Network, as well as host of The Vintage Homeschool Moms podcast. Felice has managed a large family and teams for many years and is a wealth of practical information  and wisdom when it comes to working efficiently and drama free!

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How do we keep our workplaces drama free?

  1. Pray for good team members. Let God guide you.
  2. Make sure your teams shares your passion and your vision.
  3. Let others know what to expect.
  4. Let others know what to expect
  5. Be open to input
  6. Require co-workers to sign a nondisclosure- This lets people know you are serious
  7. Make your expectations clear from the beginning
  8. Break up your workload
  9. Don’t be authoritarian
  10. Keep your team briefed so they know what is going on. Have a team schedule
  11. Remember it is not always someone else’s fault, things happen
  12. Be polite when problems come up
  13. Be willing to negotiate assigned tasks if you are able


Take good care of yourself as well:

  • Keep office hours that you don’t work outside of
  • Establish a routine for yourself you keep
  • Felice is done by 3:00, then works out, showers, and reads
  • Everyone should block out reading time
  • Never lose your zeal
  • Life is too short to get upset over a deal that won’t work out. If it doesn’t match your mission, disengage, even if you lose money on it.
  • Don’t put people in a box
  • Live as the light
  • Set parameters
  • Be the bigger person
  • Appreciate your team
  • Family is about team work


Ultimate Homeschool Blueprint- through Media Angels

Communicating With Our Children; with Connie Albers

Does Communication in your Home create the Magic Kingdom or the Wild Kindgom?  This week, we are joined by Connie Albers, expert communicator and Momma of 5!Does Communication in your Home create the Magic Kingdom or the Wild Kindgom?

This week, we are joined by Connie Albers, expert communicator and Momma of 5!

Communication is all about building relationships.

Make sure you are

  1. Hearing each other
  2. Affirming each other

Cast a vision for your family: We are doing life together. We can enjoy a rich relationship for years to come. Create a picture of your future life as family members and share with your kids that vision. Tell them what you are doing and why. You’ve heard them and affirmed them and they can see and believe in what’s coming next.

As parents, you want to set limits, rules and boundaries, but we all must learn to pivot in order to keep on top of the challenges that will come our way.

Connie Albers Website

Equipped to Be podcast

Book by Connie and recommended by Connie

Connie Albers Face Book

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Communication Skills with Special Needs and Struggling Learners with Peggy Ployhar

Communication Skills with Special Needs and Struggling LearnersCommunication Skills with Special Needs and Struggling Learners

with Peggy Ployhar

  1.  Communication is way more than speaking
  2. Communication Skills Improve Future Outcome
  3. The Three Basic means of communications
  4. 4 ways to incorporate communication skills into your regular schooling.

Sponsored by True North Homeschool Academy  True North Homeschool Academy offers live on-line Special Needs Classes-,

Special Needs Academic Advising  and Testing. Live, on-line, small group, dynamic, interactive and fun!

To teach your SPED kids communication skills:

  • Get your kids talking- utilize film- help them see themselves communicating and then give them gentle instruction and ways for improving.
  • Help kids realize that conflict happens when communicating. Give them tools and skills to deal with conflict, including developing empathy and understanding the other side of the story.
  • Above all, listen and obey where God is taking you.

SPED Homeschool

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Communicating with our Kids about Internet Pornography with Hal and Melanie Young

4 ways Porn causes problems:

  1. Negative impact on couples/gender relations
  2. Leads men and women to devalue each other.
  3. Dominated by hostile sexism, frequent violence, gender dominations and object function
  4. Because Porn floods the brain with dopamine, it shorts circuits other systems.

Porn becomes addictive, and undermines attachment, intimacy and the ability to relate.

  1. The more frequent the porn use the lower sexual satisfaction
  2. Porn as ‘instinctive’ is inaccurate and leads to low quality sex.
  3. Loneliness-porn is significantly related to loneliness. Porn is associated with relationship distress, disrupted attachment and strain in relational hardwiring, and causes harm to relationships.
  4. Divorce-doubles for men and women who use porn
  5. Effects of porn:
  1. Need bigger and bigger hits to get the same feeling
  2. Can shrink the brain-porn addicts have smaller volume and fewer un
  3. Turns off certain parts of the brain that process visual imagery.
  4. Circuits short term mentality- and devalues delayed gratification. Women in relationships with men who are addicted to porn, spectators reported not being as happy than with men who did not view pron.

As Christians we should approach conversations with our kids about sexuality within the context of Marriage

Sexuality within marriage is all about accountability and covenant.

Raising real men means teaching and training them to fight temptation and to consider their own sexuality within the context of Love, Honor, and Virtue.

Gregg Harris always said that we should not be teaching Sex Ed but Marriage Ed.

Biblical answer- 1 Corinthians 6:12-20 (on Sexual Immorality)

Resource Guide:

Raising Real Men

Love, Honor, and Virtue

Porn accountability:

Covenant Eyes

Accountability 2You

Training Books:

Every Man’s Battle

Every Young Man’s Battle

Raising Real Men

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Legacy with Katie Potter

Katie Potter joins us this week as we talk about communicating family history to your kids.Katie Potter joins us this week as we talk about communicating family history to your kids. Katie is the owner of “Storybook writing, family history for kids”, and runs a summer camp for teaching children the history of their families.

In addition Katie teaches live online classes for Elementary and middle school students including the Claritas Cycle III course in Classical MemoryElementary Writing and Middle School – Literature Through Film for True North Homeschool Academy. (

Show Notes:

  • We are the link that carries the legacy of our family to the next generation.
  • The Ancient Greeks called this “Cleos”, which can mean legacy, family glory, and familial reputation.
    • Our ancestors have stories we need to remember, it helps with our identity.
    • Our children will only remember our grandparents through what we remember, write down, and pass on.
      • Remembering our ancestors reminds us that we all are important parts of a great story.
    • Begin teaching family history to your children when they are young.
  • “How I wish I had listened when I was young”



Exodus 20:12

Deuteronomy 6:6-7

1st Kings 8:57

Proverbs 13:22

The Gift of Encouragement with Brenda Garcia

The gift of encouragement with Brenda Garcia.This week on the show we are talking with Brenda Garcia about developing the gift of encouragement!

Romans 12:8, NLT: “If your gift is to encourage others, be encouraging.”

Podcast Sponsor- True North Homeschool Academy  

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Also new this year, Chinese for K-12th grade! Communication is so important and learning a foreign language is an excellent way to broaden your communication skills!

Brenda Garcia is joining us to today to talk about the spiritual gift of encouragement.

Romans 12:8, NLT: “If your gift is to encourage others, be about the gift of encouragement.

Ask God for this spiritual gift.

As we homeschool, we often need to evaluate or asses our kids progress. Remember to use assessment or testing as a tool, an opportunity for growth, rather than a definition of the person.


Encourage yourself:

  1. Learn from failures –
  2. Learn from successes- which are often just a result of evaluating and learning from you failures. What an amazing teacher failure is!


“The fast you fail, the quicker you can succeed!” Brenda Garcia


Reframe the trials and failures:

Experiences are not so important because of the stories, but because of the lessons!


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