The Most Important Areas To Organize This Year

Hey, homeschoolers!

Soon, we’ll be in a new year. It’s that time when many of us think of goals like getting organized. You know you’re unlikely to organize everything in a year, so what are the most important areas for homeschoolers to focus on? My answer may surprise you.

Organize Your Homeschool Life All Year

Before we jump in, I want to offer you the digital version of my book, the Organized Homeschool Life for just $7! This year, you can organize more than just the most important areas of your homeschooling life. You’ll be given 15-minute missions that will help you in curriculum planning, preparing for seasons and holidays, and special areas like organizing a business or hobby.

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The Most Important Areas to Organize This Year – Resources

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Change Your Life Bible

Routines with FLYLady

Organized Homeschool LIVE

Have a happy homeschool week and a very happy new year! Hope to see you inside the boot camp.

Organized Christmas Boot Camp

Hey, homeschoolers!

Last week I asked homeschoolers on Facebook how organized they felt they were on a scale of 1 to 10. Some moms told me that they were feeling good about their Christmas preparation. But other moms told me that they weren’t organized at all. In fact, a few felt completely overwhelmed and relatively hopeless about their ability to create a peaceful Christmas celebration.

That response spurred me into action for two reasons. First I have a heart for homeschooling moms who struggle with organization because I’ve been there. One of the callings on my life is to help homeschooling moms get organized enough to do all the things God has called them to do. I wanted to help out of that passion.

But the second reason I was spurred into action is because I am feeling a bit overwhelmed myself. As I drew upon the strategies I know from experience will help me overcome the overwhelm, I knew I wanted to share the process.

So this episode is all about getting organized for Christmas. I’m calling it an organized Christmas boot camp because I expect you to take action and not just hear what I’m saying. I know you know where I’m coming from on that. I’ve been as guilty as anyone of just listening to podcasts without actually doing anything differently. I’ve created a boot camp workbook for you. You can download it at

Organized Homeschool LIVE

First, I want to tell you about a boot camp coming this January. It’s for homeschooling moms who crave peace and order in their homes. Imagine completing challenges that set you up for success this year and getting them done in just one day! It’s called Organized Homeschool LIVE and it’s unlike any other organizing resource out there. Rather than a book or course that you may or may not get to, Organized Homeschool LIVE is a scheduled online workshop. We’ll get our homes and lives organized together on January 3rd. And unlike most resources, this boot camp isn’t just for you. I don’t expect you to find time away from your kids to do the challenges. You’ll be doing them together! To learn more, go to Purchase your ticket now at a substantial savings! You’ll receive the Organized Homeschool Life ebook and digital planner AND you’ll get private group coaching with me. We’ll tackle the issues that steal your homeschool sanity before the boot camp starts. I hope to see you there.


Now I’d like to thank our sponsor for this episode, the Overcomer movie. I loved this movie and so did my family. It’s now available on DVD. Listen to this.


Organized Homeschool Boot Camp

It’s time now to get our work boots on and get this Christmas organized. Are you with me? Great! This is a four-day boot camp. So you have my permission to listen to one challenge at a time and take action.

Challenge #1

The first challenge is the trusting God challenge. Yes, every month I do an episode as part of the Trust Project. In fact, if you haven’t listened to the episode I did last week on trusting God for our success, I won’t mind if you pause this podcast to listen to it. I’ve already heard from a number of you that that podcast really spoke to you.

We are going to apply the same Trust project principles that we’ve been using for other areas to getting organized for Christmas.

The first letter of trust is T and T is for truth. What is the truth about what is God’s truth about getting organized for Christmas?

The story about Mary and Martha is perfect for our purposes. I’m reading from Luke 10:38-42.

38 As Jesus and his disciples were on their way, he came to a village where a woman named Martha opened her home to him. 39 She had a sister called Mary, who sat at the Lord’s feet listening to what he said. 40 But Martha was distracted by all the preparations that had to be made. She came to him and asked, “Lord, don’t you care that my sister has left me to do the work by myself? Tell her to help me!”

41 “Martha, Martha,” the Lord answered, “you are worried and upset about many things, 42 but few things are needed—or indeed only one.[a] Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.”

Notice that Martha was distracted by all the preparations that had to be made. Does that sound like you? I know it sounds like me! Notice, too, that Martha feels put upon that she has to do it all. I know I’ve felt that way! As I see my husband and kids enjoying themselves, I feel resentment. I want the Lord to put them to work!

Some interpret this passage as Jesus saying we are to spend our days in prayer and in the Word because this is the most important thing. But I see it differently. Jesus corrects Martha for being worried and upset about many things. We know that Jesus doesn’t expect us to sit and pray all day, although some time for this is powerful! Instead, I think He was telling us that we can only focus on one thing at a time. What should that one thing be? That’s our action step for challenge one, which we will get to in a moment.

For now, T is for Truth. Spend extra time in God’s Word today and I know you’ll experience peace and clarity.

The R in TRUST is for Remember. How many times have you lain in bed like I have, worrying about getting all the things done. I did that just last night and realized that I have done this countless times. Yet I cannot recall even one instance in which not getting things done created a crisis. God has been faithful.

The U in TRUST is for understanding. God has already given you and me wisdom for getting organized for Christmas. We just have to trust and obey it. It may be that we need to drop the perfectionism, cancel some activities, engage our family members in helping out, or simplify activities, but we know what to do.

The S in TRUST is for supplication. We need to pray for help. I recall a time when I was a young mom and just learning to connect with the Lord through prayer and Bible reading. I was facing an extraordinarily overcommitted day. I was honestly in panic mode, wondering how I was going to get it all done. But I felt called to pray. I did and to my wonderment, my commitments began being canceled one by one. I honestly couldn’t believe it. What means the most to me and is the reason I remember this circumstance so well, is the fact that I was responsible for the overcommitted stress I was in. No one had forced me to agree to all of the activities that I had agreed to. Even though that was true, God in His mercy made it possible for me to have a day that was easily managed.

Pray today for God to help you with the mess you’re in and I know He will.

The T in TRUST is for Thanksgiving. I recently received a newsletter from Terri Maxwell about Christmas overwhelm. She encouraged us to give thanks when we have too much to do. What a good reminder! What a blessing that we can freely celebrate Christmas, that we have a family to celebrate with, and even that we get to have another Christmas. Spend time giving thanks to the Lord for the blessings attached to the overwhelm and watch the overwhelm disappear.

Now it’s time for the action step for the first challenge. What one thing would God have you do right now? I’m going to read you a favorite poem on this topic. You can find a link to it in the show notes. You may consider printing it so you can reflect on it as you work.

Do The Next Thing Printable

Now stop listening to the podcast and do the next thing. I’ll be waiting with the second challenge when you get back.

Challenge #2

Welcome to Challenge #2. The idea behind this challenge is focusing on a few things that are really important to you this holiday. We simply can’t have it all. Make a list of the three parts of the season that mean the most to you. I have space for you to record this in your workbook. If you could only have three wishes for Christmas, what would they be? For me, they are attending church as a family on Christmas Eve, opening meaningful gifts with my family that night, and enjoying a big family party on Christmas Day.

For each of these, what are the most important aspects of these to you? Which parts of these three wishes matter most? Write them down. Then write any to-do’s you have associated with these on the separate Christmas to-do list I’ve included in your workbook.

Let’s take attending church as my example. I used to dress my kids and my husband and myself in matching outfits. Finding the pieces in the right sizes was a challenge! I don’t do that anymore. My adult boys would likely have a fit! What my kids wear to church isn’t a focus. Now what’s most important to me about our church attendance is that I’m relaxed, focused on worship, knowing that dinner is ready for us when we get home. That affects my meal planning and the service we plan to attend. It also helps me to know that I want to leave in plenty of time, so we aren’t struggling to find seats together. Thinking through this prompts me to realize that I need to have our dinner in the crockpot (I’m making potato cream cheese soup again this year), and I need to let my sister-in-law know what time we are leaving for church as she will be attending with us.

Next, I will think about meaningful gifts. It’s tempting for me to take a shortcut on gifts and just give my older boys cash. But exchanging heartfelt gifts is really important to me. So I won’t skimp there. Instead, I need to research and shop for gifts I know they’ll love. That will go on my to-do list.

I want you to go through the three most important aspects of the holiday, writing down the key parts of each for you. Then write down any tasks associated with these on your to-do list. Begin working on one of those tasks. Pause the podcast and do that now.

Challenge #3

Welcome to Challenge #3. The idea behind this challenge is to add the other things you need to do to your list. You’ve already made a list of critical tasks. Use a highlighter in the color of your choice to mark those tasks. The highlighting will tell us that these are top priority.

Next, I want you to go on a task scavenger hunt. The first place I want you to look is your calendar. Look at each thing you have coming up before and around the holidays. What tasks do you have to do associated with them? Add those to your to-do list. For example, I have an ugly Christmas sweater party this week. I am bringing a dip. I need to not only make the dip but add the groceries needed to my grocery list.

The second place I want you to look is your snail mail. Do you have invitations to respond to? Write them down. Do you have bills coming due? Write them down.

The third place I want you to look is your purse. Look for receipts for things you need to return, notes, and invitations. Write down associated tasks on your list.

The fourth place I want you to look is your email. Skim your email to look for actions you have to take before the holidays. Write these down.

The final place I want you to look is your phone. Check your voicemail, texts, and social media messages. Look for Facebook event invitations as well. Write down any associated tasks.

If you think of other tasks as you go, add them to the list.

We are going to whittle this list down in the next challenge. But for now, work on another highlighted task. Pause the podcast and do that now.

Challenge #4

Welcome to Challenge #4. The idea behind this challenge is task triage. Like emergency room personnel, we can’t attend to all the issues at once. You know that you need to focus on your highlighted tasks, but what about the other tasks on the list?

We’re going to star the tasks that must be done today. The Bible says that each day has enough trouble of its own. We aren’t going to worry about what has to be done next week. We’re going to focus on today. If there is a task that you would stay up late into the night completing because the benefits of getting it done today are big or the costs of not doing it today are great, then star it. You should have a small number of tasks that absolutely, positively have to be done today.

Add these tasks to do today using the sample daily page from the Organized Homeschool Life planner that’s in your workbook. You’ll be reminded to not just work but to spend time with God and a loved one, and you’ll be prompted to plan a reward for all your hard work!

When you’ve completed the left side of the page, you’ll create a loose schedule for your day on the right–morning, afternoon, and evening. This plan will give you the opportunity to plan how you might spend time with a family member while completing one of your tasks. As you work within time limits, you may see tasks that can be dropped, delegated, or simplified.

Continue to work this way until you are ready for Christmas and beyond! If you enjoyed this Christmas boot camp, I think you’ll love Organized Homeschool LIVE this January. Go to to learn more. But don’t wait! Launch pricing ends after December 12th.

Thanks again to our sponsor, the Overcomer movie. Be sure to check it out on DVD. Join me next week when we discuss the most important areas of your homeschool life to organize for the new year.

Have a happy homeschool week!

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Filled with a powerful mix of faith, a twist of humor, and a ton of heart, the Kendrick Brothers return to theaters with OVERCOMER, their newest feature following FACING THE GIANTS, FIREPROOF, COURAGEOUS, and the #1 box-office hit, WAR ROOM. The inspiring family film stars Alex Kendrick, Priscilla Shirer, Shari Rigby, Cameron Arnett, and introduces Aryn Wright-Thompson.

How To Trust God With Your Homeschool Success

Hey, homeschoolers!

It’s time for another installment of the Trust Project. This month we will focus on trusting God with our success–success in our homeschools, parenting, work, business, ministry, and more. I’m excited about this focus.

But before we jump in, I want to share two things with you. First, I want to give you a sneak peek at something I’m working on to help you have success in living the Organized Homeschool Life. I’ve written the book that gives you 15-minute missions to organize your life all year. Some moms take the book and enjoy success with it alone.

Others wonder how to fit even 15-minute missions into their days. That’s why I created the Organized Homeschool Life planner. You take a few minutes to plan every important thing into your day–your time with God, your dinner, your relationship focus, your priority tasks, and even a reward for a day well spent.


But there are some moms who tell me they want me to come home with them and their book and planner and help them get organized. I really wish I could because I know if we worked together to implement a few simple organizing strategies, your life would be transformed. You’d be living the organized homeschool life this year!

I’m working on a way for us to work together to make that happen. I’m so excited about it because it incorporates everything I know about life change and being a busy homeschool mom. I’m calling it Organized Homeschool LIVE. If you want more details as soon as they’re available, join the waitlist.

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Resources for this episode

Have a happy homeschool week!

What area is hardest to trust God for success with? Let me know in the comments.

How To Use Story To Grow Your Kids’ Faith

Hey, homeschoolers!

I am so excited about today’s topic. I believe story is the most powerful way to teach, so of course, I believe in using story to teach our kids the faith. The Bible and Jesus Himself used story to teach, but today we’ll talk about another way story can inspire our children with my guests Janet and Geoff Benge, authors of the Christian Heroes and Heroes of History series, published by Youth With a Mission.

Special Offer

Before we get to the interview, I want to share a time-sensitive offer with you. Grammar Galaxy, the curriculum that uses story to teach all language arts concepts, is 20% off now through Cyber Monday with code THANKS. Go to and enter the code for the biggest savings of the year. My deepest desire is for kids to love reading and writing the way that I and Janet and Geoff Benge do. So many homeschool parents tell me that Grammar Galaxy has motivated their kids to read and write. They even tell me grammar is their child’s favorite subject!




Now I’d like to thank our sponsor, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, a Sony/Affirm Films movie. Tom Hanks portrays Mister Rogers in this timely story of kindness triumphing over cynicism. This is based on the true story of a real-life friendship between Fred Rogers and journalist Tom Junod, showing the power of forgiveness.

How to Use Story to Grow Kids’ Faith with Janet and Geoff Benge

Before I introduce Janet and Geoff Benge, I have to tell you how I met Janet. I attended the 2 to 1 Conference in October. This is a conference for Christian homeschool content creators. The first activity was an ice breaker in which we were randomly paired with someone. We were to ask a few questions of our partner so we could introduce her to the group. Janet told me she was with Benge Books. I asked her what kind of books she wrote and she said Christian and History Heroes. I said, “Oh, like the ones YWAM publishes?” She said, “Yes, those are the books.” I looked at her nametag again and understood why her name seemed so familiar. I promptly burst into tears and hugged her. I told her that her books had changed my life and my children’s lives for eternity. I asked her if she would do me the honor of appearing on the podcast and the following interview is the result.

Janet and Geoff Benge have written together for 33 years. They learned the craft of writing from another husband and wife writing team, John and Elizabeth Sherrill, authors of The Cross and the Switchblade, The Hiding Place, God Smuggler, and many other classic Christian books. Their mission in writing is to entertain, inform, and inspire their readers. Their own lives are a testimony to the power of God. Janet is dyslexic yet is the author of more than 300 books. I know you will love these two as I do.

The Geoffs and I discussed:

  • their personal faith stories
  • how they came to write Christian and History Heroes biographies
  • how their research of heroes affects them personally
  • their favorite heroes of the faith
  • how we can reach kids of various ages and faith stages through story

Resources for growing your kids faith through story

George Muller biography

Adoniram Judson biography

John Williams biography

Dietrich Bonhoeffer biography

Richard Wurmbrand biography

Klaus-Dieter John biography

Charles Mulli biography

Hudson Taylor biography

Nate Saint biography

Amy Carmichael biography

Gladys Aylward biography

Find the Benges at, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Thanks again to our sponsor, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood movie.

Have a happy Thanksgiving if you are celebrating this week!

How To Work Or Run A Business And Homeschool Too

Hey, homeschoolers!

I’m commonly asked how to homeschool and work or run a business too. That’s our topic for this week. I invited industrial psychologist, Dr. Cheryl LeJewell Jackson to join me. I think you will really appreciate her excellent tips. More on that in a moment!

Join our community

First, I would love to have you join us in The Organized Homeschool Life group on Facebook. Each day we are sharing the organizing missions we’re completing. I shared a before photo of my messy vanity in the group this morning, and guess what? I have yet to organize it. I will feel bad if I don’t take a few minutes to get it done. We inspire one another to make organizing a daily habit rather than an event.  I’m looking forward to getting to know you there.

Our sponsor

Now I’d like to thank our sponsor, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, a Sony/Affirm Films movie. Tom Hanks portrays Mister Rogers in this timely story of kindness triumphing over cynicism. This is based on the true story of a real-life friendship between Fred Rogers and journalist Tom Junod, showing the power of forgiveness.

How to Work or Run a Business and Homeschool Too

My guest today is Dr. Cheryl LeJewell Jackson. After earning her doctorate in industrial / organizational psychology, Dr. Jackson spent 15 years conducting job design, competency modeling, and organization design as well as designing selection, performance management, and leader development programs for Fortune 500 companies, the US Military, and non-profit organizations. Despite her corporate experience, her first job was in her family’s business printing t-shirts. In addition to consulting, Dr. Jackson serves as a lecturer at Texas A&M University and serves on the board of directors for a local food pantry in her community. She recently published two books, a novel, Strong. Brave. Powerful. highlighting the impact and recovery of domestic abuse and a non-fiction, Family Business, which is a Christian-based approach to applying talent management principles to entrepreneurship and running a family. In her free time, she enjoys speaking to women, teaching Bible studies, playing flute in her church orchestra, and chasing after her two boys who are 4 and 2 years old.

Dr. Jackson and I discussed:

  • how to juggle the various roles homeschool moms have
  • how to deal with mom guilt when working
  • how to create a positive family culture while working or running a business

Find Dr. Jackson at and

Does the idea of dedicated time for work and family appeal to you? Let me know in the comments.


Thanks again to my sponsor, A Beautiful Day Movie.

Join me next week as I interview Janet and Geoff Benge, authors of Christian and History’s Heroes bioraphies from Youth With a Mission about using story to grow our kids’ faith.

Have a happy homeschool week!


Thank you to our Sponsor – A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Movie!

Tom Hanks portrays Mister Rogers in A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD, a timely story of kindness triumphing over cynicism, based on the true story of a real-life friendship between Fred Rogers and journalist Tom Junod. After a jaded magazine writer (Emmy winner Matthew Rhys) is assigned a profile of Fred Rogers, he overcomes his skepticism, learning about kindness, love and forgiveness from America’s most beloved neighbor.

Three Easy Ways to Organize The Holidays

Three Easy Ways to Stay Organized This Holiday Season

A holiday planner on a cream colored background with Christmas Gifts and ornaments.These three easy ways to stay organized will help your family enjoy a fulfilling and peaceful holiday season this year.

You may be so overwhelmed that you can’t possibly imagine staying organized through the holidays. I understand! But it is possible, and it doesn’t require a professional organizer or even a professional therapist like me to make it happen.

Spend just a few moments with me here, and I think you’ll agree.

3 Easy Tips

#1 Don’t give up your healthy habits

There’s a good chance you’ve already established some habits that give you homeschool sanity. They might be things like:

• Personal or family devotions
• Having the kids do chores
• A morning-time routine
• Running the dishwasher each night
• Daily exercise
• Getting to sleep at a decent time
• Drinking plenty of water or eating a variety of vegetables

We benefit greatly from the habits we’ve established. But for some reason, some of us (ahem, guilty!) think that because it’s the holidays, we should take a break from our healthy habits. We stay up late, indulge in lots of treats, and tell ourselves we’ll get back to our routine later.

There’s just one problem: Getting back to our routine becomes difficult. The kids are whining about it- or we are. We feel sluggish and unmotivated. We figure we’ll start fresh in the new year with homeschooling, cleaning, and exercise.

Don’t get me wrong. Taking a break for the holidays can be rejuvenating. But it should be planned. Otherwise, we feel like failures and our kids start behaving like they have a substitute teacher. Know what I mean?

Bottom line: If you want a different routine over the holidays, don’t fall into it. Plan for it.

#2 Begin the holidays with the end in mind

Organization will be long forgotten if we don’t have a vision for the holidays we want. To crystallize that vision, discuss the following with your family:

• Activities you want to commit to
• People you want to spend time with
• Food you want to enjoy
• How you want to feel
• How you can honor God this holiday

Before I had a vision for our holidays, I wore myself out buying piles of gifts and staying up late to wrap them. I saw that my children wanted time to rest and enjoy playing with their new gifts with their siblings on Christmas morning instead of jumping into the car to drive a long distance. I was exhausted by going to church on Christmas Eve late, getting my jumping kids to bed, and then getting gifts laid out and put together for the next day.

You can’t organize what you don’t know. When you are clear on what is most important to you and your family during the holidays, you can make decisions about what to stop doing. You can also confidently add activities that matter most to your calendar. You can shop for gifts with a limited list. You won’t be constantly adding one more thing.

A clear vision will make any number of holiday planners functional for you. Otherwise, you’ll be overwhelmed by the various pages. And your planner will end up in the box with the broken ornaments.

Bottom line: Discuss the holidays with your family and agree on how you will make them meaningful.

#3 Plan your day

Once you’ve committed to keeping up your daily habits and you have a shared vision for your holidays, you’re ready to plan one day at a time. If you don’t plan daily, you’re very unlikely to get many of those holiday to-do’s done before Christmas Eve. And you’ll be disappointed. Ask me how I know.

Your daily plan is where you will make a loose schedule that includes time for your habits, your holiday tasks, and everything else you have to do in a day.

Often homeschool moms tell me that their day never goes according to plan. I understand! I have six kids (the adult kids ask me for as much as the kids at home), two dogs (who have been fighting lately), and a husband who works out of our home.

Even with interruptions, the truth is that you will have more peace of mind and will get more done WITH a plan than without one. Each time you are interrupted, don’t throw up your hands in despair. Interruptions ARE our life. Instead, simply return to your plan. Start where you are.

Bottom line: Create a plan for each day during the holidays that includes your habits, your holiday tasks, and your other to-do’s.

Don’t Wait!

Don’t be tempted to wait until after the holidays to get organized – it’s a time when we most need organization! I offer a free sample of my Organized Homeschool Life book and planner that can help you get started. Grab it here. Then listen to How to Have a Saner Christmas This Year and I Deserve a Donut After All That Homeschooling (on avoiding holiday weight gain) from The Homeschool Sanity Show.

Which of these steps is most likely to help you stay organized this holiday season?

Let me know in the comments.

About the author: Dr. Melanie Wilson is a Christian psychologist turned homeschooling mother of six. She is the host of The Homeschool Sanity Show and the author of The Organized Homeschool Life book and planner, A Year of Living Productively, and Grammar Galaxy, a language arts curriculum.

If you want a different routine over the holidays, don’t fall into it. Plan for it. Click To Tweet

How To Trust God With Pets And Possessions

Hey, homeschoolers!

It’s time for another edition of the Trust Project. This month we will discuss how we can trust God with our pets and possessions. This may seem like a more minor issue than some others we’ve addressed in this project. But I know from experience that it can be a challenge.


Before we begin, I want to give a shout out to our sponsor, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, a Sony/Affirm Films movie. Tom Hanks portrays Mister Rogers in this timely story of kindness triumphing over cynicism. This is based on the true story of a real-life friendship between Fred Rogers and journalist Tom Junod, showing the power of forgiveness.

Resources for Trusting God with Pets and Possessions

Read the blog post

Trust Project

Trusting God with Friendships

Thanks again to our sponsor. A Beautiful Day is available in theatres November 22nd and afterward on digital. Visit for more information.

Join me next week for how to make business work for a homeschool family.

Have a happy homeschool week!

Thank you to our Sponsor – A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Movie!

Tom Hanks portrays Mister Rogers in A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD, a timely story of kindness triumphing over cynicism, based on the true story of a real-life friendship between Fred Rogers and journalist Tom Junod. After a jaded magazine writer (Emmy winner Matthew Rhys) is assigned a profile of Fred Rogers, he overcomes his skepticism, learning about kindness, love and forgiveness from America’s most beloved neighbor.

How To End Procrastination In Your Homeschool

Hey, homeschoolers!

Are you someone who never does today what you can put off until tomorrow? Or do you have a student who’s a procrastinator?

If so, you’ll love this episode! I interview Barb Raveling, retired homeschool mom and author of the new book, Freedom From Procrastination.

Podcast Sponsor

Before we go to the interview, I want to tell you about A Year of Living Productively, the sponsor for this episode. I tested more than 80 different approaches to improve my productivity. It took me years, but it doesn’t have to take you that long to create a productivity approach that works for you. You can try a free sample just for homeschool moms here.

End Procrastination in Your Homeschool

In the podcast, I asked Barb:

  • What are the negative effects of a habit of putting things off?
  • How has procrastination affected you personally?
  • What does the Bible have to say about it? (Check out her website for procrastination Bible verses)
  • What are some strategies we can teach our kids for overcoming procrastination? (You’ll love these!)

I previously interviewed Barb about truth journaling and overeating as homeschooling moms. Be sure to listen to those episodes too.

Barb’s book Freedom From Procrastination is not directed to teens, but I think it would be very comfortable for a teen to work through it. I’ve been doing the Bible study and so far I love it!

I’ll see you next time for another installment of the Trust Project. Have a happy homeschool week!

How And Why To Teach Guitar In Your Homeschool

Hey, homeschoolers!

Music is such an important and gratifying part of home education. You may have heard my interviews with Joseph Hoffman about piano and Gena Mayo about easy ways of including music in your homeschool.

Today, I’m delighted to share my interview with Inga Hope, founder of Gentle Guitar online school and the creator of Music Ed digital magazine about why you should consider having your child learn guitar. She shares the pros and cons of the various approaches to learning the guitar and I know you’ll love her.

Ask Dr. Mel Q&A

I want to invite you to view my first Ask Dr. Mel Q&A video this month. It’s about Oppositional Defiant Disorder. I get many questions about ODD and I wanted to provide a quick answer in this video. While you watch, I would love to have you subscribe to my channel.

Now on to my interview with Inga.

How & Why to Teach Guitar in Your Homeschool

Inga had interesting answers to these questions:

  • Why is it important to teach music in your homeschool?
  • Why is the guitar a good instrument to have your student learn?
  • What are the options for learning guitar and their pros and cons?

Book a free trial lesson here

Follow Inga on Facebook and Instagram.

Do you know how to play guitar? Have you had a student learn to play? Comment and let me know.

Have a happy homeschool week!

How To Trust God With Friendships

Hey, homeschoolers!

It’s time for another edition of The Trust Project. This month we’re talking about how to trust God with our friendships. Whether it’s having enough friends for ourselves and our kids, a problem in a friendship, or concern for a friend’s health or salvation, God can be trusted with it all.

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