Unexpected Homeschooling FREE Resources and Encouragement

Unexpected homeschooling? Yes, many find themselves in this situation. What a time we are living in right now. My kids and I were just talking about how this moment will go down in our history books. I can see them telling their grandchildren stories about “social distancing,” and the “virus.” It almost doesn’t seem real at times and can be overwhelming and scary to all of us.

Unexpected Homeschooling | Unexpected homeschooling encouragement and free resources to help you as a homeschool family. | #homeschool #unexpectedhomeschooling #homeschoolresources #discountsforhomeschoolers

Unexpected Homeschooling:

Many families are facing financial difficulties. Other families are being moved to work at home, and everyone in America is homeschooling! Our schedules are out of sorts, extracurricular activities are postponed and we can’t even meet together for weekly worship. People are watching the news and the endless updates and sometimes it feels overwhelming. We understand and feel that everyone needs to be encouraged.

Our podcast hosts have been busy creating some amazing resources for those suddenly thrown into homeschooling. They are offering lots of freebies and coupon codes, as well as tons of encouragement, especially with homeschool conferences being canceled. Check out this great list from our Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network Show Hosts and please share it with your friends who have found themselves unexpectedly homeschooling.

Encouragement and FREE Resources from The Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network and Media Angels:

Media Angels Membership Website: two great discounts!

Felice Gerwitz has over 100+ resources on this membership website. Highlights are all of the Media Angels Publications in electronic format, including five books noted in Cathy Duffy’s 100 and 101 Top Homeschool Picks. Felice is the owner of the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network and hosts Vintage Homeschool Moms – and created a podcast to remind us to “Be Not Afraid,” here.

The Creation Bundle with great audios and classes  for 50% off: CREATION50

And the Premium Membership Bundle with great Ultimate Homeschool Expo audios for 30% off
PREMIUM30 FOR 30% OFF OF Premium Bundle:

Making Biblical Family Life Practical:

Hosted by Hal and Melanie Young from Raising Real Men – when you sign up for their email list through this link:  Make Getting Stuck at Home a Good Thing – you will receive 5 great practical workshops to help during the time at home, 50% off downloadable character-building audiobooks and 30% off the CD version, plus $10 off the Craftsman Crate, a perfect way to keep teens busy!

The Homeschool Highschool Podcast:

Hosted by 7 Sisters Homeschool has lots of encouragement for you:

How to manage *Temporary Homeschooling* a high schooler.

Schools Closed? How to have fun while schooling at home.

43 Things to Do to Homeschool during the Pandemic

The Homeschool Sanity Show:

Hosted by Melanie Wilson our resident psychologist, has a timely podcast on the state we are in right now:

How to Trust God With the World

Melanie is also the author of  Grammar Galaxy, a complete elementary language arts curriculum that kids beg to do. It requires one text per family and one Mission Manual (workbook) per student. No teacher manual is required. She is offering 10% off now.

Homeopathy for Mommies:

Sue Meyer, ND, CCH  has free homeopathy printables in her VIP section to help keep families healthy. You can sign up for those free resources HERE.

The Family Renewal Podcast:

Israel and Brook Wayne are offering a free download of The History of the Homeschooling Movement.

More Media Angels Resources:

Media Angels is offering the How to Homeschool Blueprint . Each week you can join live for free with Felice and her friends who are experts in the homeschool community. Now is the time for you to ask your questions within the group. This is perfect to address your specific home and parenting needs. We will welcome everyone with open arms during our one-hour sessions each week (4 weeks) for a short teaching plus time to ask your questions. You will also receive the How to Homeschool Blueprint book when you register.

Homeschool Webinar | Ask Your Questions Online.


Finish Well Radio:

Meredith Curtis has an encouraging blog post for homeschooling:

Start Your Homeschool Adventure with Confidence and Joy

They also have a free cheat sheet for homeschoolers and free reading list for Middle School and High school on their website Powerline Productions.

Homeschooling With Technology

Hosted by Meryl van der Merwe from Funda Funda Academy. Right now they are offering:

All regularly priced teaching resources and web-based unit studies are 50% off with code COVID19 until life returns to normal.


Hosted by Felice and Northwest Rock and Fossil. They are offering 15% off all kits and books (excluding seconds) using code SPRING2020 at checkout.
They have also continued their sale on their Vimeo classes, up to 70% off HERE.


Soft Skills 101 – Life Skills For A Digital Age:

Lisa and Dr. David Nehring are the hosts from True North Homeschool Academy. They have an encouraging blog post for this time:

Coping During a Crisis

They are also offering a 4 day workshop on Life Skills: Finding Balance for only $19 (starts on Tuesday)- it’s part of their year long class on Life Skills, beginning in the fall.


More FREE Resources from our Network:

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FREE Character Counts Forgiveness Character Planner

Are you enjoying our character planners? My children have been looking forward to the new one each month. We use it in addition to our morning Bible time in our homeschool. These studies are great to do together as a family.

forgiveness character planner text overlay with forgive notebook image.

The character trait for this month’s planner is the trait of Forgiveness:

This four week long open and go character study planner will have your family studying Forgiveness vs. Unforgiveness. Forgiveness is not something we feel, it is a choice. It is something that can take a lot of practice. It may come easily to some children, and much harder for others. Forgiveness is a very important trait to teach our children, and imperative to a happy, healthy family.

When you are home with your children everyday, and the siblings are together 24/7, fights are bound to happen. It’s how your children handle the aftermath that is so important. Some children are quick to hug and kiss and say I’m sorry as soon as they know they have done wrong, or forgive when they have been wronged. Others, may be more easily offended and have a hard time shaking off something that has been done to them.

This month’s planner will help you plan out a 4 week study on choosing forgiveness. It will help you teach your kids how to practice forgiveness and how to ask for it correctly with lots of practical applications. My favorite part of these planners is that all the planning is done for you. It really is open and go, with lots of room for personalization!

Check out what is inside:

  • Character Quality Family Checklist Worksheet
  • 4 Week Study Guide of Forgiveness vs. Unforgiveness
  • Analyze and Evaluation Sheets
  • Character Study Worksheets for Kids
  • Character Trait Planning Worksheets
  • Journaling Pages
  • Activity Sheets on the Character Trait
  • Printable Forgiveness Quotes and Verses
  • Forgiveness Blueprint
  • Family Goals
  • Certificate of Completion

These planners are not dated, so they can be used at any time. If you don’t have time to work on them each month, you can save them for later! These would be great to pull out when you are dealing with a certain issue that needs to be addressed or focused on.

Directions on how to download your free Character Counts Planner will be sent to you each week in our weekly ezine. The planner access information will be located at the bottom of each email. If you are not signed up, you can sign up HERE.


FREE Character Counts Decisiveness Character Planner

We hope you are enjoying the brand new Character Counts planners Felice has created as a bonus freebie for our subscribers. These are great to work on as a family in family Bible study time, or in the mornings during homeschool morning time.

superhero kid and parent with text overlay Character counts decisiveness character planner.

The character trait for this month’s planner is the trait of Decisiveness:

This four week open and go character study planner will have your family studying Decisiveness vs. Indecision and Confusion. Decisiveness is the ability to make a good decision based upon sound knowledge. It also includes making decisions with clarity and conviction. Children and even adults can struggle with making decisions and figuring out solutions to problems. Sometimes there is only one right answer, and other times there are many different options to choose from! It can be overwhelming and hard to decide what to do. This is an important life skill to teach our children and it can begin at a very young age, like choosing what color cup they want to drink out of.

This planner will help you and your children to practice being decisive and to learn how to make wise decisions. You can practice this by role-playing with your children and by creating a decision making road map together. This planner is wonderful because it is an open and go planner. All the hard work of planning what to teach is already done for you. It is a planner on how to teach the character trait, and a character study. It includes many worksheets for you and your children to work on together.

Let’s take a look at what’s inside:

  • Character Quality Family Checklist Worksheet
  • 4 Week Study Guide of Decisiveness vs. Indecision and Confusion
  • Analyze and Evaluation Sheets
  • Character Study Worksheets for Kids
  • Character Trait Planning Worksheets
  • Journaling Pages
  • Activity Sheets on the Character Trait
  • Decision Making Blue Prints
  • Family Goals
  • Certificate of Completion

Directions on how to download your free Character Counts Planner will be sent to you in our weekly ezine. The planner access information will be located at the bottom of each email.

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Brand New Character Counts Planner: Awareness

We have some exciting things in store for our loyal listeners in this new decade. If you have been signed up as a subscriber with us, you may have noticed something brand new and different this month. Felice has created a new bonus subscriber freebie on character traits. There will be a new character trait theme each month and we are so excited to use these in our homeschool!

Why did we choose the theme of Character to focus on this year?

Well, character qualities are more than just a list of desirable attributes we want our children to have.  Good character opens the doors to good jobs, and the motivation to work hard and to do well. It is not easy to be consistent, however it is so worth it. Good character can be encouraged, practiced and demonstrated on a regular basis in your home. The best part of this character planner is that you can all build stronger character together as a family. It is said that character is caught not taught so there is a big responsibility as parents to demonstrate the character traits we want our children to copy. We all know how our children can very easily imitate our bad behaviors. So, we want to change that and have them imitate good behaviors from now on. That’s the entire goal of this new planner.

Why I am excited to use this new study:

I am personally excited about using this new planner because it will help give me a certain focus for our homeschool each month. Having a specific theme to work on for an entire month will help to solidify that character trait. If I don’t have a plan in place then I usually am not able to complete the extras that I want to do. Especially in a new year, I always have so many ideas of things I want to work on with my kids. One of those has been wanting to do character studies and extra Bible studies with my girls. It’s hard for me to be consistent with this. I know what I want to do, I just don’t know how to implement them successfully.

If the studies aren’t planned out I usually fail to complete them. What I love about this new planner is that all the hard work is done for you. It is literally open and go. It’s a planner for teaching the character trait but all the planning is done for you! So this is planner and a family character study all in one. All you have to do is print it out, read the encouraging introduction and get started. It is so easy and I can’t wait to incorporate it into our daily morning time and family devotions.

Each month we will providing a new Character Counts planner with a new theme to work on for that month. This month’s planner is all about the character quality of Awareness.

Let’s take a look at what’s inside:

  • Character Quality Family Checklist Worksheet
  • 4 Week Study Guide of Awareness
  • Analyze and Evaluation Sheets
  • Character Study Worksheets for Kids
  • Journaling Pages
  • Activity Sheets on the Character Trait
  • Family Goals
  • Certificate of Completion

Make sure to keep an eye out on our weekly ezine, where you will get directions on how to download your free Character Counts Planner. The planner access information will be located at the bottom of each email.

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FREE Change Your Mindset Simplify and Plan January Family Planner

It only seems like it was yesterday, that we were wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. We were discussing all our plans for the holidays that we would spend with family and friends. I was sharing our favorite Christmas Eve recipes and family traditions, and now here we are in a brand new decade! It is now the year 2020 and we want to wish you and your family a very Happy New Year!

A new year always brings about much reflection and thought. This year is special though as we have entered a whole new decade. It just seems so very big. For many of us, it doesn’t just have us reflecting on the past year, it has us reflecting on the past TEN years! This can bring about many thoughts and memories, good and bad. Reflection is a good thing. It can help us to focus on our priorities. What do we want to change and improve in our lives and in our families? What goals and plans do we want for our family?

Simplify and Plan

Sometimes planning can be overwhelming and feel like an insurmountable task. Especially when you are looking at a blank calendar with 12 months ahead of you! Yet, it doesn’t have to be like that. One way to look at accomplishing our goals and dreams is by having a plan in place. It doesn’t have to be a grand, elaborate plan with tons of steps. It can be simple and it starts by thinking through what you need to do. You need to think about how to simplify your thought process. It is a complete change of mindset.

If you know Felice well, you know that she is very successful and works in an organized chaos. She will be the first to admit it in her podcasts.  Many of the best creatives work like this! She created this planner for you to use this entire year and it is completely free to our subscribers. It has been the key to her family success and we hope it will bless you as well. This planner is chock full of great tips and advice from a busy working mama of many and is a life-line to those that live in an organized chaos! Everything that you can think of, that you would need help with in this new year has been covered in this packet.

This planner is almost 100 pages! It covers so many things and will take you step-by- step through changing your mindset and simplifying in the new year. You will go through how to:

1. Take one step at a time.
2. Deal with the present moment and don’t stress the future.
3. Realize your limitations. You can not say, “yes” to everything.
4. Stream line.
5. Detach.

This is by far our largest planner yet! Included in this month’s printable pack is:

  • Encouragement and steps on how to change your mindset
  • Family Motto and Goal Worksheet
  • New Year Mindset Worksheet
  • Time Saving Questionnaire
  • Time Saving Tips and Time Saving Plan
  • Goals Worksheet
  • 4 Square Planner
  • Monthly School Planning
  • Quarterly School Planning
  • Academic Records and Printables
  • Household Planning and Organization Forms
  • Health and Wellness Sheets
  • Cleaning and Chore Charts
  • Meal Planning and Grocery Lists
  • Journal Pages
  • Reading and Book Report Lists
  • Scripture Copywork
  • High School Planner
  • Transcript Printables
  • Planner for Kids
  • And so much more!


You can receive this printable pack and a new freebie bonus Character Counts Character pack each month by clicking HERE to sign up now!


Simple Soup and Salad Christmas Eve Tradition

I love finding out the different ways that families celebrate with their Christmas traditions. Some of them are very unique and fun, with something random and obscure that was just passed down as a family tradition. Others may be more traditional, like attending a Christmas Eve candlelight service at church and opening one present.

Simple Soup and Salad Christmas Eve Tradition with recipe card! #holidaytraditions #familydinner #soupandsalad #homeforlearningblog #uhpn

There are also different cultural ways that families celebrate that may differ from one culture to the next. I have some friends whose family have a mix of different cultures throughout. They all get together for a formal Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve. They eat very late, and then they open all of their presents at midnight. Christmas Day is then spent with family and children playing with their toys. If you don’t have to get up early the next day then staying up so late wouldn’t be a problem! This was always such a fascinating idea to me.

Since I love hearing so much about other families and their traditions I thought it would be fun to share our very own Christmas Eve tradition:

This tradition started 5 years ago. We used to gather up the family and drive to the other side of town for family dinner. We then ended up at another family member’s church for a late night Christmas Eve service. This was always so exhausting with small children, and we really wanted to attend our own home church. Somehow, I was able to entice my in laws to attend our church and have dinner at our house instead.

I have an amazing soup recipe that I have tweaked over the years that my father in law always requests that I make. It is a labor of love, so I don’t make it often. I offered to host Christmas Eve dinner at our house with the promise of Tortellini soup, and a new tradition was instantly born!

Our Simple Soup and Salad Christmas Eve Tradition:

I love making soup, because you can simmer it on the stove all afternoon, turn it off and it’s still going to be hot an hour later. You can even keep it warm in a crockpot, but I like to make mine in a large stock pot. For our Christmas Eve tradition, we attend the early Christmas Eve service at our church. This is usually around 5pm. That give us the afternoon to clean the house, to get it all ready for Christmas and to prep our soup and salad.

The reason this soup is a labor of love is because there is so much chopping involved. This soup has lots of herbs and veggies, and chopping it all up can take awhile. It is totally worth it though! If you love Italian food, and hearty wholesome soups, this is the soup for you. The entire family loves it, even small children! Once the soup has simmered for awhile, the last step is to add the tortelilnis. Since we plan on eating when we get home from our church service I leave this step out until we get home. Our service is short so we are home within an hour and the soup is still hot. If you plan on eating after church and will be gone awhile I recommend putting your soup in a crockpot.

My in-laws will meet us at church, and when service is over we come back to our house for dinner. I love the compliments when they walk in the door because the house smells absolutely amazing! I turn the soup back on and add the tortellinis for the final step. We usually snack on some cheese and crackers while the soup finishes up. This soup is very hot so I like to give it some time to cool off before we eat it. We go ahead and ladle it into bowls so it has some time to cool. While it is cooling down we go ahead and make our salads. I like to make a very light salad with fresh lettuce from our garden, cucumbers, tomatoes, freshly grated parmesan cheese and Olive Garden Italian Dressing. Once we are done with our salads the soup is ready to go!

After dinner there is very little clean up as we only have one pot, and bowls and salad plates. It is super easy and makes for a relaxed and simple evening. When dinner is over we read a Christmas story together, and the grandparents hand out gifts. This is such a cozy, sweet and simple tradition we look forward to each year.

I have included my recipe for you below. You can save the image and print it out for your own recipe book. This has been tweaked over the years to make it large family friendly and is a double batch recipe. You can half this if you need to, but it does freeze very well. This will easily feed 10 people with about a quart, maybe more for leftovers. My father in law happily brings some home with him every single time.




FREE Ultimate Christmas Planner and Countdown Printables

Can you believe that it’s already Christmas time? I am blown away by how fast this year has flown by. It seems like we were just planning goals and resolutions for the New Year. Then summer was already here and back to planning and organizing a new homeschool year. Now Thanksgiving is over and it’s already Christmas time. I guess that’s what happens when you are busy raising a family, homeschooling and living life!

FREE December Planner and Christmas Countdown Printables

Christmas is truly my favorite time of year. It is finally cool enough to break out sweaters and boots here in Florida, which makes it feel nice and cozy. We love listening to Christmas music, decorating our home, and looking at Christmas lights as a family. We try to do a very light school work and focus on spending intentional family time together. I like to pick some baking and treat making projects that become a yearly tradition that we always do together. We also hit the craft stores and I let my girls pick out some nice crafts to work on. We will turn on Christmas music and spend an entire afternoon painting and enjoying one another.

The Christmas season is always hustle and bustle with running everyone around from one event to the next. It gets even busier when you have children that are performing in holiday Christmas plays, musical recitals or dance events like the Nutcracker. Slowing down gets harder to do when there is so much going on. It’s important to try to be intentional with slowing down as much as possible and enjoying the season. Spending time with your family and keeping our focus on Jesus and the gift that He is to us is what I try to prioritize.

The Ultimate Christmas Planner will help:

This month’s planner will be very helpful to keep you on track this busy season. When things are planned out and organized your time will be freed up to focus more on your family. In this planner you will find the frame work for planning out your holiday gift giving, your meals and even your holiday parties. This packet is full of encouragement, beautiful prayer cards and Christmas scripture quotes that have a beautiful Christmas theme. These are great for hanging up around your home for some sweet holiday décor.

The same organization freebies and homemaking, homeschooling calendars are also included for you, along with extra Christmas planning tips and tools in this 80 + page printable pack. My children always look forward to the free printables that were created specifically for them. They are super excited for the scripture chain countdown, we did it last year and they really enjoyed it! It’s not too late to start the Christmas count down either. We got behind this weekend with Thanksgiving being so close to the first day of Advent this year, that I was just able to get our printables printed out to work on at home with my girls. Since I have 3 daughters I am using this with it works out fine to double or “triple” up if you miss a few days!

Included in this month’s printable pack is:

  • Christmas Craft Ideas
  • Christmas Gift Ideas and Lists
  • Baking and Recipes
  • Planner for School
  • Stress Free Holiday Prep
  • Last Minute Holiday Prep
  • Countdown for Holiday
  • Holiday Planning Check Off Lists
  • Journal
  • Scripture Copywork
  • Activities for Kids
  • And much more!


You can receive this printable pack and a new freebie bonus pack each month by clicking HERE to sign up now!


FREE November Planner with Stress Free Checklist and Printables

November is finally here, and that means that the holiday season is kicking off for many of us already! I can not believe that the year is almost over. It seems like we have all just gotten into a good routine with our new homeschool year, and now we throw the holidays into the mix! What is a busy homeschooling mama to do?

FREE November Planner and Holiday Tips and Printables to help your holidays be stress free. #uhpn #homeschoolpodcast

All of the holiday activities, as well as extra curricular school and sports activities are in full swing during the Fall. It seems like we are constantly running back and forth from one event to the next trying to keep our heads above water. I know I constantly struggle with what to make for dinner and when to feed everyone! It can all be so overwhelming if you don’t have some kind of plan or organization in place.

Thankfully, this month our Subscriber Only FREE printable pack is about the best planning tips for Thanksgiving. It is also full of activities to keep your kids busy while you plan out your weeks and month. Felice shares her heart with you as she talks about the fruits of our labor in homeschooling our children. She shares how that still continues for her today even though her youngest has graduated. This packet is full of encouragement, beautiful prayer cards and quotes with a lovely Thanksgiving theme that you can hang up around your home this Fall.

Your children will love the free printable activities created just for them. The same organizational freebies and calendars are included for you, as well as additional planning tips and tools for Thanksgiving in this 65 page pack.

Included in this month’s printable pack is:

  • Stress Free Planning Tips and Pages
  • Planner for School
  • Entertaining With Kids
  • Last Minute Holiday Prep
  • Countdown for Holiday
  • Check Off Lists
  • Journaling Pages
  • Scripture Copywork
  • And much more!

You can receive this printable pack and a new freebie bonus pack each month by clicking HERE to sign up now!




FREE Ultimate Field Trip Planner and Printables for Kids

October is here, and for many of us, that aren’t currently residing in the south, October means cooler outdoor temperatures! This is the perfect time of year to spend time with your family and friends and take some field trips.

FREE Ultimate Field Trip Planner and Printables for Kids

Some of the best memories that we have in our homeschool are the memories that are made when we take field trips. Even my oldest, who is now 20, still remembers places we went, and the things that happened on the field trips we took while he was elementary aged!

Field trips are a favorite among homeschooling families:

As homeschoolers, field trips can help to spark a child’s creativity and encourage them in a particular career field. They are great if you are studying a certain time period in history, or learning about a certain topic in science. Field trips will help to solidify the things they have been learning, and create an immersive learning experience.

We have the freedom to take lots of different trips, since our schedule is so flexible. As homeschoolers, we can also take advantage of group discounts. These give us the opportunities to visit places we otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford, especially if you have a large family!

The theme of this month’s printable pack is on field trip planning:

There are over 65 pages of planning tips, field trip guides and a list of must-have items for a field trip. I love the activities that are included for your children. They can create a mini book of memories from their trip, or answer the memory questions in their very own journals.

It includes all the normal monthly planning printables you have all grown to love, (calendars, meal planning sheets and 4 square planner). There are lots of extra bonuses included, like nature study and Fall themed printables. Your children can use these printables while you are taking some time to plan.

This month, you will find that the Vintage Homeschool Moms Podcast is also full of field trip topics. You will want to tune in to learn how to plan, how to find free or inexpensive trips and even virtual-field-trips. Keep on eye here on the blog, as there will be a few blog posts about field trips as well!

Included in this month’s printable pack is:

  • October Monthly Calendar
  • October Goal Sheets
  • Planner for School
  • Fall Party Planner
  • List of Free Field Trips
  • Printable Field Trip Planner
  • List of Virtual Field Trips
  • After the Trip Mini Books for Kids to Create
  • Field Trip Questions to Ask
  • Field Trip Planner Check Off Lists
  • Student Field Trip Memories and Journal
  • Scripture Copywork
  • Fall Activities
  • Fall Nature Studies
  • And Much More

You can receive this printable pack and a new freebie bonus pack each month by clicking HERE to sign up now!

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Help Your Child Become a Stronger Reader ~ Plus Limited Time Special Offer

The biggest struggle I have had in our homeschool, has been teaching my children how to read. My oldest was an avid reader at an early age. My other 3 children struggled with reading. It took them much longer to be able to read on their own without my help.

Help Your Child Become a Stronger Reader plus a special offer from Reading Eggs! #readinghelp #homeschoolreading #readingeggs #homeschooldeals

I believe my oldest was able to read earlier because I had more free time to work with him. He is 6 years older than my next child. After my 2nd oldest was born they started coming around 2 years apart! At one point, I had one in middle school, one with dyslexia, another that needed weekly physical therapy and a baby. To top that all off, I began working from home shortly after having my fourth child.

It sure is hard to find that balance of being able to spend extra time with a struggling reader, when you have so many other things that you are juggling at once. This is where technology can come in quite handy and really be a blessing in your homeschool. I have to be honest, when I first started homeschooling I wasn’t a fan of putting a child in front of a screen, but sometimes you just have to do what you need to do! There is no judgement here. Sometimes we are in survival mode, and that’s okay, at least we are able to still be with our children everyday.  I am so thankful for the opportunities that are available to us now vs. when I started homeschooling 17 years ago.

I have a child that would get extremely frustrated sitting next to me being pushed to read words outloud that she struggled with. It was a daily fight and so exhausting. I would put this same child in front of a computer reading program, and she would excel! She really enjoys the games because it doesn’t feel like school, and it is exciting and engaging. I would have to set a timer to have her stop, because she would want to keep playing. She was actually learning to read and I didn’t have to do anything!

Reading Eggs is one of those programs that children look forward to doing for their school time! It really does make reading easy and fun! They are offering a special 4 week FREE access to new subscribers. Sign up today and watch your child become a stronger reader this Back-to-School season! A multi-award winning online learning program for children ages 2–13, Reading Eggs supports the essential foundations of reading with its highly engaging lessons, games, and e-books!

You can register for your FREE trial by clicking this link HERE.

Hurry, offer ends October 19th! *Valid for new customers only.