Informer Podcast with Linda Hobar

Linda Lacour Hobar is a graduate from Baylor University, a veteran homeschool mom, convention speaker, and the author of the Mystery of History homeschool curriculum.

In this episode, we get behind the scenes information into the making of the Mystery of History, a world history homeschool curriculum. Linda shares with us where her love and passion for history first started, stories of her times at conventions, and why she believes it is important to teach biblical history and world history together. Hobar encourages us all to remember the relevance of world history, even through a biblical perspective. This is an exciting, fast paced episode for fans of the curriculum and seasoned readers alike!

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Fearless with Heidi St. John

FearlessDoes the shifting world around us leave you shaken? The news is full of stories that leave us shocked and bewildered. How did we get here? How do we respond?

The world is quickly changing around us. Faster than any of us could have ever imagined.

Our children are facing a world that none of us could have imagined. How do we raise our kids in a rapidly changing world? How do leave fear behind?

Join Tara Bentley for an encouraging conversation with The Busy Mom, Heidi St. John, about how we can move forward to lead our family in living fearless lives.

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Informer Podcast – Heart to Heart

Are you a new homeschool mom looking for encouragement?Informer-Podcast-Heart-to-Heart
Have you ever wished for a heart to heart with a veteran homeschool mom?

Curl up on the couch and join our Heart to Heart Conversation.

Tara Bentley and guest Deidra Dennis take the time to reflect back on their homeschooling years. Take a listen as they talk about the transition from being a new “school at home” mom to a relaxed homeschool family. What is the most important part of the day? What is the reward at the end of the road? And, what is the best piece of homeschool advice Deidra received along the way?

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IAHE F.A.Q.s for New Homeschool Families – Part Two

New homeschool parents are full of questions!

We’re back for a second episode featuring some of the IAHE’s most Frequently Asked Questions.

Special Guest

Stacy Hanaway is a homeschool mom and IAHE volunteer. Stacy is part of a volunteer team of moms across the state of Indiana that answer phone calls to help new parents find their way. Stacy and her husband Jason also serve as Regional Representatives and serve homeschool families in their own community in NE Indiana.

Some of the issues we’re talking about in today’s episode include:

  • What do Regional Representatives do?
  • What are the different learning styles?
  • How do I find a support group?
  • Are there studies that show the success of homeschooling?
  • When do I become a homeschool expert?

Do you have questions? Leave us a comment below!

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Do you have questions about starting homeschooling?
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The Informer – What is the RFRA?

You’ve seen the all media hype.

In March of 2015, Indiana passed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), joining 31 other states in offering religious freedom protections. It’s a complicated subject and it can be very difficult to sort through all the noise. But one thing is clear, Indiana families involved in homeschool leadership need to stay informed.

Today’s podcast episode is a quick conversation about the basics of RFRA and why it matters.

Special Guest:
Debi Ketron is a member of the IAHE Board of Directors and the Chairperson for the IAHE’s Government Affairs Team.

Phil & Debi Ketron reside in Guilford, Indiana (Dearborn County).  Phil serves as Vice President and Secretary of the IAHE. Debi serves as the IAHE Legislative Director. They served as IAHE Region 8 Representatives for five years before joining the Board of Directors.  They homeschooled for 21 years, and their four children are homeschool graduates.  The two oldest have earned bachelor degrees, one of which is a CPA, and their two youngest children are currently in college.  The Ketrons had been involved in homeschool leadership in southeastern Indiana for many years.  They hope to be a blessing to the families of Indiana through their service at the IAHE.

Link to Informer Podcast –

Where do we get the right to homeschool?

Link to IAHE article –

The Truth about the RFRA and How it Might Affect Homeschoolers in Indiana

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the Informer – with Rebecca Keliher, the Well Planned Gal

Informer Podcast WPG

On this episode of the Informer podcast, host Tara Bentley interviews Rebecca Keliher, homeschool mom, creator of The Well Planned Day, and founder of Home Educating Family Association {HEDUA}. Rebecca shares her testimony, her personal homeschooling journey, information on her daughter’s new publication for young women called Dear Magazine, and she shares about how The Well Planned Day got started.

As a second generation homeschool family, Rebecca has spent time with hundreds of homeschool moms across the country. She’s seen that many moms struggle with the same fears and doubts. Rebecca and Tara tackle topics such as struggling with organization, exhaustion, comparing yourself to other moms, and loving your child unconditionally.

This podcast captures the true passion of Rebecca, which is ministering to homeschool families and being an encouragement to individual moms. Her enthusiasm is truly contagious.


IAHE F.A.Q.s for New Homeschool Families – Part One

New homeschool families have a lot of questions!Informer Podcast SHOW PIN_edited-5

As a state organization, the Indiana Association of Home Educators fields hundreds of phone calls each year from parents wondering how to get started. Most families have a lot of the same questions:

  • Do I have to register with the state?
  • Do I have to turn in schoolwork?
  • Where do I get curriculum?
  • How do I issue a diploma?
  • Will I mess everything up?

Special Guest

Stacy Hanaway is a homeschool mom and IAHE volunteer. Stacy is part of a volunteer team of moms across the state of Indiana that answer phone calls to help new parents find their way. Stacy and her husband Jason also serve as Regional Representatives and serve homeschool families in their own community in NE Indiana.

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The Informer – 13 Lessons From the End of the Road

Informer Podcast 13 lessons roadAt the end of their family’s homeschool journey, Tara Bentley shares 13 Lessons from the End of the Road.

After graduating their youngest daughter from high school, veteran homeschool mom Tara presents a mix of regrets and tips for new moms.

Tara Bentley is the Managing Editor for The Informer Magazine and has served on the Board of Directors for the IAHE since 2013. She has also been a homeschool blogger and curriculum reviewer since 2009.

Taken from a live presentation to a local support group, this podcast will encourage you and remind you that God created us each as individuals. We are not created to look alike or school our children in identical ways.

But, we can still come together in moments of fellowship, celebrate our differences, and learn from each other along the way.

Too often moms isolate themselves based on the belief that they aren’t good enough.

We listen to our fears… instead of focusing on what God has called us to with our children.

  • Do you know who is watching out for you?
  • Are you burdened by unrealistic expectations for yourself?
  • Do you compare yourself to the other moms around you?
  • Do you feel compelled to complete every book you start?

Take some time for yourself, recharge, and release the doubts that you’ve allowed to hold you back in your own homeschooling journey.

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Informer Interview with Todd Wilson

A podcast for homeschool dads and moms together!

Informer Podcast WilsonListen as Indiana dads share:

  • their best advice on getting started homeschooling
  • how to support mom
  • how homeschooling has affected their family

We also have special guest Todd Wilson from Familyman Ministries.

Familyman Ministries started with this mission:
“to remind dads of what’s most important.”

Todd travels across the country each year encouraging families who might be struggling with homeschooling.


The Informer Podcast with Carol Barnier

Informer Podcast Barnier2On today’s show, join our host Tara Bentley as she talks with Carol Barnier. Barnier is the author of many home education books such as Engaging Today’s Prodigal, The Big WHAT NOW Book of Learning Styles, and she is the brains behind the popular website for families with special learners, Carol is also a featured speaker for the 2015 IAHE Home Educators’ Convention.

This fun, fast paced podcast covers topics such as teaching your ADHD child, encouragement on starting your homeschool, Barnier’s personal testimony, and rabbit trail learning.

Do you need ideas and encouragement for starting your ownhomeschool? Do you want to find ways to make history and learning fun for you and your child? Are you a terrible house keeper? This is the show for you.

Be sure to stay tuned till the end of the podcast!

Carol is giving away two FREE copies of her book The Big What Now Book of Learning Styles: A Fresh and Demystifying Approach.