Interview with Dr. Jay Wile

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Informer Podcast Wile2Dr. Jay Wile is a veteran homeschool father, convention speaker, and author of the Exploring Creation With Science homeschool curriculum. Dr. Wile and his wife began homeschooling after adopting their daughter when she was 15 years old and homeschooled her through high school.

In this episode, host Tara Bentley shares her experiences of hearing Dr. Wile at different conventions in the past and the impact he made on her husband’s life and, in turn, their family, faith, and homeschooling life. So grab a cup of coffee and relax while you listen to Dr. Wile share stories of how he was first introduced to homeschooling, homeschooling around the world, and his new science curriculum for elementary aged students. He will encourage you to teach your children critical thinking skills, and explain how important it is for us to be aware of the homeschool laws in Indiana.

And is the rumor true? Does Dr. Wile have a hidden passion for musical theater? Find out in this episode!

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Where do we get the right to homeschool?

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Do you take your right to homeschool your children for granted? Does the changing landscape in public education toward lowering the compulsory school age impact homeschool families?

Join us as our host, Tara Bentley, talks with IAHE Legislative IAHE_PodcastTeam Volunteer, Alison Slatter about volunteering for the IAHE, the national shift to lower the compulsory school age, and the interest IAHE takes in current legislation.

Alison, homeschooling mother of three, and has served on the Legislative Committee since 2013. A 1997 graduate of Indiana University, she has served as a Student Action Team Director for Generation Joshua, a Senior Legislative Analyst, coordinated efforts to promote the Federal Marriage Amendment, and volunteered her time for campaigns and at election polls at the young age of 14.

IAHE Informer Interview with Israel Wayne

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Informer Podcast I.Wayne

Homeschool graduate, father, author, and speaker, Israel Wayne, is a featured speaker at the IAHE 2014 Home Educators’ Convention March 27th through the 29th.

Sit back and join our host, Tara Bentley, as she talks with Wayne in an informative podcast about his not-so-typical homeschool childhood, homeschooling from a biblical worldview, passing the baton from one generation to the next, family discipleship, and so much more. He even shares a few questions from his new book, The Questions God Asks.







IAHE Informer Interview with Andrew Pudewa

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The IAHE is excited to have Andrew PudewaInformer Podcast Pudewa-2 as one of the featured speakers for the 2014 Home Educators’ Convention. Whether you are attending the convention or not, this podcast is full of helpful information for all homeschool parents.

Join us for an informative hour filled with information about:

  • The Institute for Excellence in Writing
  • What is Classical Education?
  • Common Sense about Common Core
  • And much more!

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This program was sponsored by the Institute for Excellence in Writing.

Money Matters for Support Group leaders and more

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Informer Podcast Carol Topp small

The IAHE Informer host Tara Bentley interviews popular convention speaker and author Carol Topp.

Carol Topp, CPA is a retired homeschool mother, an accountant, and author of the Micro Business for Teens series The IRS and Your Homeschool Organization and Homeschool Co-ops: How to Start Them, Run Them and Not Burn Out, as well as several ebooks and magazine articles helping homeschool families.

Join us as we discuss money matter for homeschool support group leaders, micro-businesses for teens, and how to train your children about money management at a young age.

Carol Topp will also be a featured speaker at the IAHE’s Home Educators’ Convention March 28 & 29, 2014.


Welcome to The IAHE Informer Podcast

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The very first episode of The IAHE Informer Podcast.