How to Homeschool When You Have Babies or Toddlers

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How to Homeschool with babies and toddlers: The Homeschool Sanity Show podcast

Whether you expect to homeschool for the first time with a baby or toddler or you’re expecting, you’ll appreciate this sanity-saving advice. I’ve homeschooled with a baby or toddler for nine years and survived using these tips.

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  1. Thanks I needed this ..I am in the trenches now ..we just moved to a new state..I had lots of support in my old home family friends etc..currently not so much.. Homeschool support groups for moms aren’t so popular here… If you have any more links or helpful tips could you please send them… I have a 2 yr old and an 8 yr old… Also 19 yr old and 24 yr old my older kids luve at home work and go to college.. Hubbie is in ministry school getting his MDiv…

  2. Bonita, I’m glad it was helpful. I don’t know of a perfect way to homeschool with littles, but I know that it somehow works out. 🙂

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