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back to homeschool lists Let’s Talk About: Back to Homeschool Lists with Felice Gerwitz 

Can you successfully homeschool easier with back-to homeschool lists? Of course, you can! Listen as Felice shares her aversion to lists, her New Year’s Resolution to make lists and USE them, and how it has helped her formulate a plan for going back to school with style!

Back to Homeschool Lists

As the back-to-school season approaches, homeschool moms often find themselves juggling various responsibilities and tasks. Making lists can be a powerful organizational tool to help ease the transition and ensure a smoother start to the homeschool year. Here are some list-making ideas that can make back-to-school season easier for homeschool moms.

Firstly, create a comprehensive curriculum list. This list should outline all the subjects and topics you plan to cover throughout the year, helping you stay focused and on track. Break it down into weekly or monthly plans to maintain a sense of progress.

Next, develop a daily or weekly schedule. Listing out the subjects, activities, and breaks for each day helps establish a routine and keeps everyone accountable. It also allows for better time management and prevents important tasks from being overlooked.

Supplies and Materials for your Back to Homeschool Lists

Don’t forget to compile a list of necessary supplies and materials. Take inventory of your current stock and note down any additional items needed, such as textbooks, workbooks, art supplies, or science experiment materials. This way, you can shop in advance, avoiding last-minute rushes.

Consider making a meal plan list as well. Having a menu prepared for the week can save time and reduce stress when it comes to meal preparation, ensuring that everyone is well-fed and nourished throughout the day.

Lastly, create a list of goals for the homeschool year. This can include both academic and personal objectives for each child, providing a sense of purpose and motivation. Regularly review and update this list to track progress and celebrate achievements.

By making lists, homeschool moms can relieve the chaos and streamline the back-to-school season. With a clear plan in place, they can focus on creating a nurturing and engaging learning environment for their children.

Show Notes:

  1. Select curriculum
  2. Purchase or order curriculum
  3. Use various websites for ideas – like Pinterest
  4. Organize your school space
  5. Purchase school supplies
  6. Organize your school supplies
  7. Organize your books
  8. Organize your year
  9. Plan field trips
    1. Plan holiday breaks
    2. Plan your day
  10. Organize your child’s workstation

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