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 back to school listsLet’s Talk About: Back to Homeschool Lists with Felice Gerwitz 

Can you successfully homeschool easier with back to homeschool lists? Of course you can! Listen as Felice shares her aversion with lists, her New Year’s Resolution to make lists and USE them, and how it has helped her formulate a plan for going back to school with style!


Show Notes:

  1. Select curriculum
  2. Purchase or order curriculum
  3. Use various websites for ideas – like Pinterest
  4. Organize your school space
  5. Purchase school supplies
  6. Organize your school supplies
  7. Organize your books
  8. Organize your year
  9. Plan field trips
    1. Plan holiday breaks
    2. Plan your day
  10. Organize your child’s workstation

Handout: Back To School Planning List

Example of Check Off Lists Example Check Off Lists-2

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