Backyard Ancient Greek Olympics

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Finish Well Homeschool Podcast, Podcast #193, Backyard Ancient Greek Olympics, with Meredith Curtis on the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network

Backyard Ancient Greek Olympics

In “Backyard Ancient Greek Olympics,” Episode, #193, Meredith Curtis invites you to have your own Ancient Greek Olympics in the backyard. Don’t worry! We’ll wear clothes and dedicate the games to Jesus instead of the idol/gods of Greece. We will of course update all the games to make them fun and easy for all athletic abilities. Are you ready for a fun way to explore Ancient Greek history? Let Meredith give you a blueprint to have your own Olympics and make memories at the same time.




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Show Notes

What is unique about the Ancient Greek city-states and their Olympic competition each year? Olympic Truce

Why these games will help build a love for history in your children and teens.

Ancient Olympic Games: Stade Foot Race, Diaulos Foot Race, Hippicus Foot Race, Chariot Race, Discus Throw, Jumping Event, Hoplite Races, Boxing, Wrestling, Javelin Throw, Pentathlon (Wrestling, Stade Foot Race, Long Jump, Javelin Throw, Discus Throw).


  • Day 1: Sacrificing to idol/god and idol/goddesses. Boys wrestling, boxing, running.
  • Day 2: Procession of horses, riders, chariots into hippodrome. Running, wrestling, discus, javelin, long jump. First athlete to win 3 events crowned the winner.
  • Day 3: Another procession ending at temple of Zeus to offer sacrifices. Long races, sprints.
  • Day 4: Wrestling & Boxing ending day with Hoplite race.
  • Day 5: Celebrate victors. Procession of coaches, athletes, and spectators to Temple of Zeus to offer more sacrifices. Young boy offers olive branch – afterward woven into wreaths. Evening feast.

Planning the Games

Venue: Backyard, field, or park

Just family or friends, too

Each city-state team wears a different color (Athens, Sparta, Rhodes, Marathon, Crete, Smyrna, etc.)

Gather supplies and prepare what will happen when and where.

Our Olympic Competitions

  • Archery
  • Relay Race
  • “Luge”
  • One-Stade Running Race
  • Two-Stade Running Race
  • Landscape Timber Balance Wrestling
  • Pool Noodle Javelin Toss
  • Frisbee Discus
  • Long Jump

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