Are You a BAD Mom? When Motherhood Does Not Go As Expected

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Are you a Bad Mom? When Motherhood Does Not Go As Expected

On this episode I had the privilege of chatting with my beautiful daughter in love, Caroline. Last June, Caroline made me a grandmother when she gave birth to the coolest twin boys! Levi and Titus rocked all of our worlds, especially hers. Caroline gets real and vulnerable as she shares her journey of expectations vs reality. I think many moms can relate to Caroline’s story and can empathize with everything she shared.  Caroline shares openly about her many experiences with children leading up to motherhood and the fact that even then, she had no idea what it was like to be fully responsible for a newborn life (or lives in her case).



Caroline with her boys, Titus and Levi

Caroline encouraged moms to give themselves grace, focus on the present, and enjoy the time when they are small. We also talked about the importance of other moms walking alongside new moms, not just expecting moms. New moms get lonely and tired and could use a visit from a friend to cheer them up in those early days. I mentioned my favorite gift from a lady in our church was when she offered to come and hold my new baby so I could take an uninterrupted nap. That was heavenly!!!


Levi and Titus have not decided what they will call me, any suggestions???

Caroline suggested every mom read this book!

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