Balancing Home Business and Homeschool – HIRL Episode 38

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HIRL-Episode-38We were contacted a few weeks ago by HIRLer Derek Anderson who asked: Could you talk about the challenges of owning a home business as a homeschooler? 

For many homeschoolers, owning a home business is the dream. The idea that small business ownership provides the ultimate in freedom and flexibility for a homeschool family is sought by many. The ability to introduce your homeschooled children to your vocation and the world of business seems like a perfect fit for homeschool families.

However, as you can sense from the question being asked, we want to pursue the truth behind homeschooling with a home business. The benefits are there, but the truth remains: owning a home business as a homeschooling family comes with challenges. The balance of time, the isolation as a solo businessperson, and maintaining an income flow are all daily, weekly, and monthly challenges for homeschooling families that own and operate a home business.

On this edition of HomeschooingIRL To Go, we invite you to join Fletch and Kendra as they invite guest Derek Anderson to join them in a quick and honest discussion about owning a small business as a homeschooling family.

Show Notes:

Guest: Derek Anderson – The Green Van Dry Cleaning

Opening Music: “Open Those Bright Eyes” by Kevin MacLeod
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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