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, Conli McVey, joins Crystal Niehoff to discuss how she juggles military life and working from home while homeschooling. Episode #4- Military spouse, Conli McVey, joins Crystal Niehoff to discuss how she juggles military life and working from home while homeschooling.

Conli is an Army Chaplain’s wife. She understands military life. She’s served the Lord alongside her husband, Greg, in his role since 2006. She’s graduated two of her three homeschoolers. Her passions include leading Bible Study and equipping and encouraging women. She also blogs at “Whatever State I’m In” ( She’s proud to be the MOC (Maintainer of the Calendar) of the McVey household for her often-traveling husband, two young adult daughters, and sixteen-year-old son. After earning a B.S. in Marketing and an MBA, Conli has worked in non-profit ministry development for 25+ years, currently as an at-home copywriter. Conli has been married to Greg for 23 years. She considers being his wife and life partner the greatest gig ever!

Back in 2006, when her husband joined the military, Conli was looking for a way to tailor her children’s education and give them consistency through frequent moves. So when a friend mentioned homeschooling, she knew that’s what she was going to do. All the while, Conli has also worked from home. Over the years, she has adapted their homeschooling to meet the needs of her family and accommodate her work schedule. Sharing her insight from years of experience, Conli shares her secrets to getting it all done as a busy work-at-home homeschooling mom of three.


Conli’s Blog, Whatever State I’m In

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