Best Kept Holiday Prep Secrets

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best kept holiday prep secretsLet’s Talk About The Best Kept Holiday Prep Secrets

with Felice Gerwitz

The holidays are around the corner, and ready or not it is time to learn about the best kept holiday prep secrets. We are celebrating all the time – whether it is the biggies like Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter – or the other big events like birthday celebrations, anniversary, baby showers and other parties! Are you ready? In the many of preparing large family gatherings and parties, I’ve had quite a bit of practice. I’ve learned many shortcuts that make party planning fun! If you have a few things on hand your parties will always be spectacular. From food to decorations – and the best news? It won’t break the bank.

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Show Notes: Holiday prep secrets.

  1. Make a list (mine tend to be general – if you are detailed go for it!
  2. Prepare things way ahead of time. Ideal items: casseroles, prep items like onion, onions and peppers, soups, stews, lasagna, mashed potatoes, stuffing, etc.
  3. Buy in bulk – crackers, appetizers (salsa, hummus, etc.)
  4. Extra gifts to have on hand (bless people twice with this holiday prep secret)
  5. Bake extra – two cakes and freeze one, make smaller cakes to gift, extra cookie dough and more.
  6. Fresh fruit and nuts for decorations
  7. Use “broken” ornaments upside down in a glass bowl
  8. Kid decorations – make it special
  9. Music – get that playlist ready.
  10. Wrap gifts as you buy them.

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