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Best Kid Gifts | The best kid gifts are ones they would never select for themselves! | #podcast #homeschoolpodcast #homeschool Best Kid Gifts – Episode 313

The best kid gifts are ones they would never select for themselves! Truthfully. Often kids think they know what they’d like to receive and with these simple steps you can have a wonderful celebration, no matter what the time of year without breaking the bank.

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Okay friends, it is time to look at how you purchase gifts for those you love! I recently did an activity with my kids and will do this with my grandkids soon. The activity is as follows.

Hand each a square of paper. Take a sheet of paper and cut it into 4 squares (or use index cards) and ask the following questions.

  1. What did you get last year for Christmas (or birthday) that was your favorite present?
  2. What did you get two years ago for Christmas (or birthday) that was your favorite present?
  3. What did you get three years ago for Christmas (or birthday) that was your favorite present?

The point here is that often, very often unless you have one of those photographic minds in your family, the children will not be able to name a present from two or three years ago.

The next question (yes, there is more)!

  1. What gift did you really, really, really want that once you received it no longer was as great as you thought it was?

Again, the point is that often what they want is no longer what they want once they get the item. Two instances with the same child come to mind. (I share this in the podcast.)

Doing this fun type of activity and asking the children for feedback really helps if you have one of those children who really “wants” something special.

Parents, I do not allow my children to give me Christmas lists –unless I ask for them. I began asking for lists once I had adult children because their lists include needs and not wants. Personally, I have great kids. They say, “Mom don’t spend too much money on us!” This from the two in college who (thank-you, Jesus) received full academic scholarships, yet I still pay room and board.

When I asked what they needed the list was different. Running shoes, training shoes, long sleeves, pullovers, and my daughter needs a new softball glove. My son’s school thankfully provides all of their athletic needs. My other son asked for some tools. My husband, shirts and shorts.

Pray, ask the Lord what you should purchase them. I have a podcast on A Few Minutes with God on my other network, Ultimate Christian Podcast Network. This podcast talks about Jesus Calling and is based upon the books my older kids love by the same name.

So here are the top gifts that won’t break the bank but are things your child will really want!

  1. A new Bible cover. Most of your kids probably have Bibles – if not purchase one for them, and a new cover is always nice.
  2. Jesus Calling. There is an entire series of books. Buy an inexpensive journal to go with it. At our local discount stores, I find lined journals with Scriptures on the cover that are either manly or girly and you can give this as a gift.
  3. Collections of short stories. Young children and old alike love classics that are distilled down into small bite-sized bits.
  4. Now with all of those amazing websites, you can buy ornaments and even glass with a picture on it. On a budget? No worries! There are some wonderful picture frames you can purchase. My favorite are black plastic with a push out glass. You mount the picture and there is glass all around (so it shows the wall color behind). I recently used these matching, inexpensive frames to put all of the kid’s sports pictures throughout the years on the wall in a spare bedroom. Capture the kid’s favorite moments and create a collage for each child.
  5. A handwritten letter. With that passing of President George H Bush, we learned how he often wrote to people and they treasured these letters. Every year for Christmas or a birthday write your children a letter. Tell them you love them (no why needed) and write this on beautiful stationery. Sign and date it. Place it in a manila or white envelope with the date. I promise you, your kids will keep these.
  6. An ornament for Christmas. One of my friends did this from the time her children were little. My kids have their favorites given to them from aunts and uncles. When I go to a party at Christmas time this is my gift of choice. I use to find beautiful glass ornaments at the discount stores but have not found them in years! If you know a good source, please go to this podcast post #313 and let me know. My daughter received a saddle and boots on the year as an ornament when she took horseback riding lessons.
  7. A memory book. Give the child a blank book or one filled with some past field trips or family events and explain that you will fill this book the coming year with fun things you will do as a family.
  8. A puzzle such as a rubric cube or something similar. YouTube has many videos on how to solve these and my son is a whiz and had almost everyone on his baseball team buying one. Much better than handheld games in my opinion.
  9. A subscription. KiwiCo – or Raddish Kids, — redirects to
  10. A pet. Yes, I know who takes care of the pet it is you mom or dad! However, it will be one of those gifts that your child will really love – if your child likes pets! You can give a gift certificate for this with the promise of shopping after Christmas and watch the excitement on your child’s face. I’d stay away from purebreds –just my opinion. The humane society has many pets awaiting adoption, or check your local Craig’s List where we found our dog, Indy about 9 years ago!


  1. Just wondering what’s wrong with pure breeds? A friend gifted our children with a German shepherd puppy, and she is amazing…

    • mediaangels says

      Nothing is wrong with them, Cara. My daughter has one and her dog is great, it is just that they are very expensive and so many people are trying to save money! Great question.

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